Ashley Brooke - October Bucket List
Ashley Brooke - October Bucket List v


It’s October, day five, and I am just as obsessed as I thought I’d be. The weather has started to finally play nice and I made my first chili of the season last night.  If you are asking me, so far I’d call October a success!

We have tons of exciting things on the horizon this month and I’m determined to make it our best month yet.

Below is my October Bucket list, my dreams, wishlist, and to-do list all rolled into one. I hope it inspires you to make your own!

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Also, I just want to note that I tried really, REALLY hard to not add too many “pumpkin” related items on this list and I think I deserve an award to keeping down to two. I mean seriously, it was definitely an exercise in restraint. 


October Bucket List:

1. New Charleston Coffee Shop – Next week, I’m heading to Charleston for a quick work trip. I’ll only be there for 48 hours, but I’m hoping to squeeze in a new coffee shop… any suggestions?!

2. First Man, the movie – I am DYING to see First Man when it comes out in theaters this month. Both my grandfathers, my dad, and my mom worked for NASA which makes anything space all the more fun. I’ve been counting down the days until this one comes out!

3. Dolly’s Halloween Costume Photoshoot – Y’all I bought two, TWO, costumes for little Dolly because I have zero self-control. And I’m on a mission to get the cutest photos of her wearing them. Stay tuned for the photos and wish me luck, she’s a wiggly one!

4. Goodies Against The Grain Pumpkin Bread – I’ve become super obsessed with the website Goodies Against The Grain and I really want to make her pumpkin bread recipe. I saw my sister-in-law post about it and I’m thinking I’ll give it a whirl this weekend. 

5. Target Day – I need another Target Day, I just feel like it really has to happen. Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand while throwing things I don’t even need into that red cart. It’s therapy. 

6. Have a Girl’s Night – Life has been so nuts lately that I haven’t had a proper girl’s night, but I am ready for it. Champagne, PJs, popcorn, and laughing till our stomachs hurt. 

7. Phone Down, Book Up – I go through seasons where I’m really good at leaving my phone on the nightstand once I get into bed and other times I’m the actual WORST. Right now I’m in the latter camp. This month I want to spend less time on my phone and more time reading once I get under the covers. 

8. BBG Workouts – Like I mentioned earlier this week, I’m loving my new workout routine, but what I didn’t tell you is that I have been perpetually behind a week from everyone else in the group! Not to make excuses, but work coupled with Ryan’s treatment schedule has me spinning most days. But my goal this month is to catch up… which means I need to complete 3 workouts this weekend… eeeeekkk. Wish me luck! 

9. Chili Friend Night – Chili is literally the easiest meal of all time (I made this one yesterday!) and you can pretty much accommodate everyone with chili, especially if a topping bar is involved! I’d love to have a few friends over this month for a chili dinner party… doesn’t that sound like fun?!

10. Carve a Pumpkin – Last year we never got around to carving a pumpkin, but this year it’s HAPPENING. I’m already dreaming up ideas…


Downloadable Bucket List

download a printable here and Instagram story image here

Ashley Brooke - Printable Image - October Bucket List Download




Now, tell me what’s on your bucket list!! You know I’ll always make room for just one more thing!


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