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10 Things I Want to Make Happen This Month

Good morning friends! Today I woke up in my favorite city, New York. I’m here for the world’s quickest trip (less than 48 hrs.) to squeeze in a little Fashion Week excitement, then get back home to Ryan! I hate being away from him during treatment, but he forced me on the plane, so here I am getting ready for my first mini Fashion Week experience. 

Even though I won’t be doing the whole NYFW deal, I’m excited to be in the city during such a bustling week. My Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law just moved to Williamsburg a month ago so it will be so nice to have family around and I can’t wait for them to show me around their new hood. Plus, Carly and I have plans to just hang tonight. I’m excited to have 48 hours with some of my favorite people.

Since I’m in NYC I’m hoping to check a few of items off my September Bucket List while I’m here – I feel like it’s the perfect way to kick off September!


September Bucket List:

1. Try Out Bakeri in Brooklyn – One of my besties, Danielle, sent me a text when I told her I was heading to NYC and said, “YOU HAVE TO GO TO BAKERI.”  I trust Danielle for all things “cool” but after doing a little research, she’s right. I will make this happen!

2. Finish My Book – I have a confession to make… I have not made much progress on my latest (Love & Luck) book and I’m hoping I can knock it out on the plane. It’s not because it’s not good… I’ve just felt so distracted every single time I’ve sat down to read. It’s been a problem. 

3. Have Lunch at by Chloe – One of my favorite places for lunch in NYC is by Chloe and I’m addicted to their Quinoa Taco Salad.  You can be sure it’s on my list of must-dos while I’m here!

4. Bake Vegan Pumpkin Bread – I shared this recipe I found last week on my Monday Morning Musings post, but I have yet to try it! I’m dying to whip up a batch… Check it out and tell me if it doesn’t look delicious!

5. Break in My New Stationery – Inslee, my incredibly talented and sweet friend just finished designing the most beautiful stationery for me and I have yet to use it because it is THAT beautiful. The gorgeous stationery boxes are just sitting on my desk, waiting for me to put pen to paper, but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to use it for fear of running out. Clearly, I need to just go for it… but WHAT IF I SPELL SOMETHING WRONG?!?! P.S. A full post on my new stationery soon! 

6. Watch Two Documentaries – I love good documentaries and these two are on my list this month: Always at The Carlyle and Restless Creature, have you seen either?! 

7. A Fun & Romantic Date – Mine and Ryan’s 4th wedding anniversary is this month, which feels so crazy! I honestly can’t believe we’ve been married four whole years. Anyway, I was thrilled to see that our anniversary this year falls on an off week of Chemo which means (fingers crossed) he’ll be feeling pretty good! I’m trying to think of a fun adventure we can do that day to make it extra special… any suggestions?!

8. Eat at The Sanctum Cafe, again! – My hairstylist told me about a new vegan place in Orlando called The Sanctum Cafe. My mom and I checked it out on Saturday. I’m not vegan and neither is she, but my dairy allergy always has me on the lookout for “friendly” restaurants and this one is AMAZING. Like, so good that I haven’t stopped thinking about it since! I’m dying to go back. 

9. Start China Rich Girlfriend – I finally saw the movie Crazy Rich Asians over the weekend and it was AMAZING. Like so good I cried. I read the first book, but never went on from there, and come to think of it, I don’t know why?!  I am dying to give the next book in the series a try, China Rich Girlfriend! Have you read it yet?

10. Finish Cleaning Out My Closet – I got through about half of my closet and my energy for the project just fizzled out. I NEED to get back on the bandwagon and finish… I mean honestly, we are out of hangers. It’s a problem. I’m putting it here so that you can keep me accountable! 😉 


Downloadable Bucket List

download printable here and Instagram story image here

Free September Bucket List Download |



Now, tell me what’s on your bucket list!! You know I’ll always make room for just one more thing!




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  1. I am smack in the middle of Rich People Problems (the third book in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy) and I have to say, I love each book more and more! I think it is because I am invested in each character at this point, and I am looking forward to seeing where they each end up. In any case, highly recommend reading all three!

  2. Okay, lots of comments here! I’m dying to see “Always at the Carlyle”. I’ve seen “Restless Creature” and liked it (I adore ballet docs), but my favorite ballet documentaries are definitely “First Position”, “Dancer” (the Sergei Polunin doc), and “Ballerina” (fascinating to see how important ballet is in everyday Russian culture).

    I’ve read all of the Crazy Rich Asians books twice and highly recommend all three! I’m really curious to see how they adapt China Rich Girlfriend into a film. Also, just finished “Love & Luck” (after reading Love & Gelato per your recommendation) and thought it was cute! I preferred Love & Gelato, but hope she keeps writing more books like these.

    Have so much fun in New York!

    briana |

    • Ah! Briana! Love this!

      Also, I’m with you Love and Gelato was waaaaay better!

      Sending lots of love your way!

      xoxo – AB

  3. Just wanted to send you an encouraging note. I know you feel guilty for leaving Ryan, but it is sooo good for you to recharge. My mom was diagnosed with Lymphoma a year ago this past May. It showed up in her right sinus passages and her treatments seem the exact same as Ryan’s so I know what you mean about “the good week”. 🙂 I also know that there are some ugly moments that rip your heart out. She finished with several treatments of radiation which were mild and didn’t bother her too much. It was an option that we chose to “ensure” that stuff was gone! So 1 year and 4 months later she is back to herself and has a head full of beautiful hair! I’m sorry you guys are going through this at such a young age but it will strengthen you in the end. God wants us to fully rely on him and not ourselves. Enjoy your time away and you’ll be ready to give Ryan your best self when you return!

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