Snoqualmie Falls - Kiehl's Trip - h_1
Snoqualmie Falls - Kiehl's Trip - v_1


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Highlights from the Trip

Last week I flew to Washington state to spend a few days with one of my favorite brands, Kiehl’s. I’ve been on a handful of brand trips and each one has been so unique, but this trip was definitely special! I flew out there not knowing if I’d know a single soul on the trip (there were 30 girls all together!) and I came home with 29 new best friends. It was one of those trips where everyone just clicks and, honestly, it felt like a dream. 

I had never been to Washington before and couldn’t get over just how incredibly gorgeous it is.  I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting, but I can assure you, I was NOT expecting it to be THAT beautiful. It felt like we were in a foggy, surreal storybook and none of us could get over it! 

One morning we did yoga overlooking the Snoqualmie Waterfall and one of the girls said that she had to keep reminding herself that the yoga instructor was not using a noise machine.  It was the ACTUAL waterfall.

If you ever get a chance to sneak up to the Salish Lodge and Spa, I can’t recommend it enough. It will go down as one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been. 

Salish Lodge & Spa Diary


Each and every meal we had during the trip pretty much looked like this – stunning! And what you can’t see in this photo to the right is the view of the waterfall.

During each meal the Director of Education at Kiehl’s would give us a 15 minute presentation on the company’s culture, ethos, and passions, along with new product insight. I looked forward to these chats each day and loved learning more about the heart of a brand that I’ve admired for so long.

Plus, who doesn’t like to sip champagne next to a fire/waterfall and talk about skincare?! NO ONE. 


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This trip truly felt like a mini Summer Camp! Spending 24 hours a day with a whole bunch of strangers that just so happen to be into the same thing you are into and it’s a recipe for instant friendships! They are friendships that last and a support system you never even knew you needed. 

I walked away with so many new friends, and these girls (Kristina on the left and Meg on the right) made my heart so full this trip!


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The Falls

When you check into the hotel you seriously have no idea that this is behind it. I knew there were falls nearby, but I had NO IDEA they were right outside my hotel room door. This was truly and utterly unbelievable.

I could have just stood there and stared at God’s beautiful creation for days. 


One of the mornings we suited up and hiked to the bottom of the water fall.  It was hands down my favorite activity we did – and y’all, we went to the spa, so that’s saying a lot. It was straight out of a fairytale. 

I can’t wait to go back and take Ryan. I know he would have freaked out. I only brought my iPhone, but man… I so wished I had our camera with me, because, WOW. 



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Bubble Baths

Look at that bath tub! I am unapologetically a bath girl, so when I walked into my room after a 7 hour flight and saw this setup I almost cried. Not only was the bathtub giant and luxurious, but all of my favorite products were right there waiting! It was heaven.


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I felt like I blinked and was back home, but this trip will definitely go down in the history books as one of my very favorites. I’m so grateful to work with brands I love, and I have you to thank for that! 


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  1. Oh my goodness – that place looks incredible! (To return to temps. in the 90’s in Florida must have been hard.) I will definitely think about a trip to Salish Lodge and Spa in the future.

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