Ashley Brooke Designs Weekend Lookbook Aug 20-22, 2011

Good morning and Happy Monday!  I hope your weekend was fantastic.

My weekend was fairly low key and full of work (which is a very good thing!). On Saturday night my husband (who was working as well) and I were texting each other photos of our desks to see who was busier at work… he might have won, only because he was looking at two computer screens (which I find to be frightening!)… and I was just looking at a sketch book. Although we were busy we did squeeze in some time to see a movie, stop by the bookstore, and finish our latest audio book!

Here is a peek at what my weekend looked like:

Photo 1: I picked up these two fun and coincidentally color coordinating things this weekend: a. Super adorable orange blouse from Target, $19.99! It is really flattering and the main thing is that it is cool (it is so HOT here right now!). b. I also picked up Jane Austen’s Emma, at a going out of business sale for 75% off… I couldn’t get over the pretty cover and the pretty price!

P.S. If you live near the Winter Park, FL area their Borders is going out of business (sad) and everything (even the furniture) is 40-75% off!!

Photo 2: It rains about every afternoon from around 3-5 o’clock… sometimes later and sometimes earlier but I am usually not out running around town during that time and seem to miss the rainbows. But this weekend I made up for it, I spotted a gorgeous double rainbow, breath taking.

P.S. Mom, don’t worry I was in the passenger side when I took this photo!

Photo 3: Does it get any better than fresh peaches??? Nope, not sure it does.

I hope your week is off to a great start and stay tuned… an exciting NEW Ashley Brooke Designs feature coming your way in about an hour!

xo- Ashley Brooke


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