Ashley Brooke Designs Weekend Lookbook april 1-3

Good morning, and happy Monday morning to you! I am still in disbelief that it is April already (P.S. don’t forget to download your *free* wallpaper!) although, I must say the weather this weekend was positively dreamy. Especially after all the crazy amounts of rain we got last week! The ground must have needed it because the grass is SO green! Anyway, here is a little peek into my weekend:

Photo 1: I received a few images the lovely and talented Gina took of me while we were shooting an about the designer video a few weeks ago! Gina is beyond wonderful and I had the pleasure of meeting her back in December when I attended Making Things Happen I was so excited to get to see her again so soon and to collaborate with her on a video project. Last week she wrote a super sweet post about my family’s (popcorn) tradition and the images are just so fun and yummy, you know how I like my popcorn!

Photo 2: One of our good friends Tony has just launched a food truck, and it is AMAZING! I can not speak enough about Tony’s food, Big Wheel catered our wedding and he made our gourmet picnic dreams come true! He has also catered a number of private parties for my family and every time we have left full, happy, and wanting more! The best thing about his food is that it is not only organic but it is local. So, if you are in the Orlando area you must stop by!

Photo 3: I have a lot of nail polish, a lot. I might be what some may call a nail polish hoarder. I don’t care, I’m addicted. I don’t get my nails done because I can paint them just as well so I figure that allows me to buy nail polish, instead of getting a $25 dollar manicure, I’ll just by an $8 bottle of nail polish and call it “saving money”. All of that aside I picked up a new color by Essie this weekend and I L-O-V-E it! It’s very bright and Springy, I think you would like it too! The color is: Haute As Hello… pick it up, you will love it!

P.S. In the last photo is what I like to call my dream team of a lasting manicure… OPI base coat | 1 coat, pretty polish | 2-3 coats, and Revlon Colorstay Sealing Shine | 2 coats

P.S.S. The Revlon Colorstay Sealing Shine is the secret ingredient… Revlon doesn’t make it anymore (sad face) so I buy it on Amazon or E-bay…don’t judge!!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday! And cheers to a fabulous week!


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