ABD_Weekend Lookbook 4|23-24

Good Morning! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! We had such a great time, spent lot of time with family and ate waaaay too much! Here is a little peek at what we were up too:

1. Photo 1: Each year we dye Easter Eggs, somehow my husband and I turn this into a competitive sport, it’s hysterical. We blow out the eggs and then get to work on dying them. I really love they way they came out this year! But if you were wondering, I think I won this year, because one off his eggs broke so he busted out one of our regular brown eggs and dyed that one to make up for it. He then proceeded to tell me it was the “manliest” of them all since it was “army green” instead of a girly pastel color!

Photo 2: After Easter Brunch at my parents’ house my dad snapped this photo of the two of us that I just love! There were 2o of us in all and everyone there was close family so we were spread out all over the house, we sat on the deck with my sister and her fiance, we had the best time and it was such a beautiful day! (P.S. Yes I am the crazy lady who wore a dress on Easter Sunday that had tiny little white bunnies all over it… don’t judge!)

Photo 3: I was in charge of making the homemade lemonade this time and it turned out sooo good. During the summer we always have freshly squeezed lemonade in the house since it is one my husband’s favorite things! But for Easter I added in strawberries, mint, and champagne and called it Bubbly Lemonade… it was a hit!

Hope you have a great Monday and cheers to Royal Wedding Week!!

xoxo- AB


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