Good morning! I hope your weekend was wonderful, here is a tiny peek at what I was up too…

Photo 1. Betsy stopped by my house on Saturday afternoon to pick up a few things, and I just had to snap a photo of how fun and colorful the gifts, planner, and flower pop were all together! I told her she needed to walk around holding all of that together all day long! The extra goodies made the whole look!


Photo 2: On Sunday I put up the Christmas tree! And when I took a few steps back to see what else the tree needed, it was immediately decided: Popcorn garland.  It’s amazing.


Photo 3: I thought there was nothing better than fresh flowers, until this bowl of delightfulness arrived at my doorstep out of the blue. It’s official, I have the best friends any girl could ask for.

P.S. The tiny twinkle lights makes them even better!!

Okay, I’m off to work on all those Christmas Cards!!

Cheers to a fabulous and productive week! xoxo


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