Ashley Brooke Designs | Weekend Lookbook January 1Good morning! I hope you had a fabulous weekend, here is a teeny tiny peek into what my weekend looked like”¦.

Photo 1. I recently just purchased this adorable ruby pom pom flower from… isn’t it cute! I wore it to breakfast on Friday with my good friend Emily and then later that evening I put a swipe of red lipstick and called it a day! I love these little pom pom flowers, I gave just about everyone on my Christmas list one this year! Such a fun little accessory!Ashley Brooke Designs | Weekend Lookbook January 2

Photo 2: On Sunday afternoon we headed down to the nursery to pick out a new flower for our little balcony, since I killed our last one. I tried REALLY hard to keep our Christmas Cactus it alive, and as my husband said to me yesterday “hunny, you can water a cactus every day… it’s a cactus.” My prompt response was “oops!” So this oh so pretty and valentine-y geranium is my new project, I am hoping I don’t kill this one too!

Ashley Brooke Designs | Weekend Lookbook January 3

Photo 3: Last week we shot a new DIY video and it turned out soooo cute, I can’t wait to share it with you! These vintage matchbooks are leftover props from the shoot… they are so darn adorable I have yet to put them back in my craft drawer, plus they are perfumed and smell just like my Grandmother.

P.S.I ordered these gems off this Etsy shop.

I hope your weekend was as colorful as mine! Stay tuned this week I’ve got L-O-T-S of Valentine’s fun planned”¦ so get prepared!

P.S. It may even include another fabulous giveaway + a special Valentine’s treat!!

Cheers to a lovely and productive week!!


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