Weekend Lookbook July2-4, 2011

I hope you had a wonderful and restful holiday weekend! We had such a fun couple days and lots of our friends flew in so we could all celebrate together!  Even one of our besties flew in from his Peace Corps. duty from Armenia to see everyone… so, needless to say there was lots of catching up to do! We ate tons of watermelon, lit hundreds of sparklers, and laughed till our sides hurt. Here is a little peek into what our Fourth of July weekend looked like:

Photo 1: This year we went to the Sanford fireworks show on Lake Monroe and it was beautiful! We all sat on blankets and watched the show that was nothing short of magical!

Photo 2: I made these little treats for a BBQ we went to on Monday afternoon and they were a H-I-T! They tasted like one big pretzel M&M… so you really can’t go wrong!

Photo 3: A few Friday’s back I told you about a fun nail polish tutorial I found, and this week I tried it out… love the red and glitter combo, so festive! (The colors I used were: OPI Red & Sephora OPI Only Gold for Me)

cheers to a wonderful and short week! xoxo- AB


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