ABD: Weekend Lookbook 7|23-7|24Good morning and happy Monday! I hope you had a refreshing weekend, we had a fantastic weekend and now I’m ready to get this week started, but before I do I want give you a little peek at what my weekend looked like…

Photo 1: One of my besties returned from Malawi, Africa just a few weeks ago and brought me back a few trinkets from her trip. One of the things she brought me was a package of Chombe Tea, it amazing! This is her second trip to Africa and she had brought me back this same tea the first time, so this trip I made sure to put an order in for more tea! It is fabulous, they literally pick it and bag it, so fresh and so yummy!

Side note: I have just found out that you can purchase this yummy tea online… do so, you’ll love it!!

Photo 2: I love to cook, absolutely love it. What I don’t like to cook are eggs, I mess them up every. single. time. But lucky for me my husband is the egg master and his omelets are to die for! This weekend he whipped up a lovely little brunch for us and there is nothing more I love on a weekend morning than to sit and sip hot coffee while watching him chop, whisk, and flip!

Photo 3: On Saturday I picked up this new book and I am so excited to read it! The book is about the moon rock hiest at NASA and since I am a NASA baby (my parents met while bonding tiles on the shuttle, no lie!) and grew up in Titusville, where the shuttle goes/went off, I immediately was drawn to it. I can’t believe I have never heard of the moon rock scandal but when chatting with my dad this weekend he said he knew all about it, so needless to say I can’t wait to tear through these pages and find out about such an interesting scandal!

Cheers to a wonderful and productive week! xx-AB

P.S. If you missed it I did a re-cap on the trip to the AtlantaMart on Saturday… click here to see!


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