Ashley Brooke Designs_ July 2012

Good morning and happy Monday to you! I hope you had a lovely weekend! Here is a tiny peek at what my weekend looked like…

Photo 1. I had to laugh a bit when I was putting laundry away on Saturday morning… I guess I do have a thing for polka-dots and stripes. It’s funny when you don’t realize it until you step back and see that okay, everything I own is pretty much in the navy blue category and a good bit of it is either dotted or striped! Ha! Do you have a theme going on in your closet too?

Ashley Brooke Designs_ July 2012

Photo 2. After a CRAZY busy week of  5:15 a.m. wake up calls and late nights, to say that when Saturday night rolled around I was exhausted was an understatement. This was about 8:00 p.m. (I know part-ay animal!) on Saturday night. It may look a bit lame, but honestly I was in heaven! But then again it’s hard to beat a good book, bowl of popcorn, and ice cold chardonnay!

Ashley Brooke Designs_ July 2012

Photo 3. Late Sunday afternoon I packed up a big tote bag of all my goodies and trinkets and headed down to Starbucks to knock out a few of my weekend to-dos, everything from returning e-mails, brain storming big ideas, and meal planning for the week. Sometimes it’s nice to get out and work in a new location. I was always the girl who says she’s going to take her laptop to Starbucks and work but that NEVER HAPPENS!! I can’t draw anywhere really besides my quiet desk, so it has always seemed a bit pointless… but if drawing isn’t on the agenda, it’s nice to get out. Especially on the weekends when it’s hoppin’!

I hope your weekend was equally as wonderful as mine was! And I hope your Monday is off to a great start! Make sure to stick around this week, we’ve got so much going on, per usual…. including the launch of August’s free download, you are going to LOVE it!!

Okay I’m off to write a few thank yous on my new favorite stationery and get this Monday started!

Cheers to a fabulously productive week ahead!


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