Ashley Brooke Designs_ June 2012

Good morning and happy Monday to you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Here is just a little peek at what I was up to this weekend”¦

Photo 1: I’m telling you a Target trip never, ever disappoints. My sister and I strolled the aisles for an hour or so (honestly, is there any better way to kill time?) and ended up walking out a with a fancy soy candle and of course not one but two new polishes Orange, It’s Obvious and A Crewed Interest. If impulse buying at Target is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Ashley Brooke Designs_ June 2012

Photo 2: It has rained SOLID for the past four days, I’m talking non stop! So these are the faces of two of the saddest dogs in town. They haven’t been out on a proper walk in days or been able to bounce around in the back yard. They are sad, a bit grumpy, and I’ll go ahead and say it… whine-y. If I had a nickle for ever time I heard an audible sigh from these two on Sunday I’d be able to send them on a doggie vacation somewhere nice and sunny. My goodness, we need some sunshine around here before these two lose it.

P.S. Aren’t their beds adorable?! I had them custom made by Pet Design on Etsy! The fabric is from Jo-Ann’s.

P.P.S. Oh and Sam’s dapper bow tie was custom made by Pecan Pie Puppies on Etsy (fabric from Jo-Ann’s) and Lucy’s hair bows are from e-bay! The pups have to look good too, you know?! Even if they are sporting an attitude.

Ashley Brooke Designs_ June 2012

Photo 3: Every Saturday morning I snip a few roses from our little garden out back to put in the house (of course this weekend I had to do so with a large polka-dot umbrella in hand!). This has become my tradition since the first Saturday we moved in. I love having fresh flowers in the house, and I love even more that they are from out back yard! Plus they are so stinking pretty I can’t stand it. All of these went into a pretty glass vase and they now happily sit on the foyer table.

I hope your weekend was just as lovely as ours was, and that your Monday is off to a fantastic start!

Cheers to a fabulous week ahead!

Oh, and you are going to want to stick around this week! So may great posts coming your way!

P.S. Only 3 days left to enter in my Summer favorites giveaway!! It’s too good to miss out on!


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