Good morning and happy Monday to you! I hope you had a fantastic and relaxing weekend! We really tried hard to shut work down this weekend and relax! We slept in, laid by the pool, did a little yoga, played soccer in the park (really it was more my husband playing and me frolicking about), and had friends over for a backyard BBQ… it was heavenly! Here is a tiny peek at what our weekend looked like…

Ashley Brooke Designs _  July 2012

1. My oh so charming (and sneaky!!) husband “kidnapped me” and took me to one of our favorite hotels for a fancy date night. When we drove past our house I immediately looked over at him and said “hey mister, where we headed?!?” he had a very cute smirk on his face which usually means he has something up his sleeve! I was so excited when we drove into the valet and he pulled out an overnight bag packed and ready for our little mini vacation. He immediately said, “I know how much you love feeling like Eloise…” I mean honestly, this guy is a keeper.

Ashley Brooke Designs _  July 2012

2. These two… just because they do a decent downward dog, does not mean this is group yoga.

Ashley Brooke Designs_July 2012

3. Happy July! I can not believe it is already here… also, I love this month’s download! I plan to look a lot like this throughout this month! Hop on over to the downloads page and get this month’s wallpaper for your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, or Droid. Oh, and don’t forget to snatch up the calendar print, it’s $8.00 and over the top adorable!

Cheers to a productive Monday and a week filled with sparklers!


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