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Good morning and happy Monday to you!! I hope you had a fabulous weekend, here is a peek at what I was up to!

Photo 1. On Saturday I had a big BBQ at my house, we had everything from croquette to corn hole set up outside”¦ it was adorable, but then it POURED. And I am not talking just a little rain, I’m talking 3inches in less than 2 hours. We contemplated using the Swan as an Ark. But, before we moved the party inside (we literally played corn hole in the hallway) I did manage to get one dry photo”¦ adorable right?!

Nail polish Holder  via Ashley Brooke Designs

Photo 2. This year I bought myself a little birthday gift, and it was literally just want I’ve always wanted”¦ a nail polish holder. I realize this gift is ridiculous, and I don’t care”¦ I absolutely LOVE it

Oreo Ice Cream Cake  via Ashley Brooke Designs

Photo 3. My actual birthday was on Sunday and I spent the entire day just watching movies with my family”¦ which is exactly what I wanted to do! And just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better, my mom pulled out this homemade Oreo Ice Cream cake. I mean honestly, it does not get better than Oreo Ice Cream cake”¦ It just doesn’t.

Alright, I am off to go throw some confetti at B! It’s her birthday today, so if you see an adorable pregnant lady with confetti in her hair about town, wish her a happy birthday!!

Cheers to a productive week ahead!


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