Good morning and happy Monday to you! I hope you had a fabulous and relaxing weekend!

Here is a peek at what I was up too”¦

AshleyBrookeDesigns_March 2012

Photo 1: On Thursday of last week my sister brought over this beautiful homemade funfetti cake for a photo shoot we were working on that day. The cake smelled SO good we all couldn’t wait to take a bite out of it… all of this was fine and dandy until she left to go home and “accidentally” left the cake here. So needless to say we “snacked” on it all weekend! Honestly I’m bummed we only kept 2 slices of the cake and gave the rest to the neighbors, or I would be eating it right now for breakfast!

AshleyBrookeDesigns_March 2012

Photo 2: This was a little DIY gift I whipped up on Saturday afternoon… One of my best friends left for Chicago to follow her BIG dreams on Sunday, and I was at a loss at what to give her as a going away/good luck gift,mostly because I was in denial that she was actually leaving.  I finally came up with a simple and sweet gift to give her, a journal. She is a brilliant writer and will be doing A LOT of it while in Chicago and so I thought I would get her something she could use everyday. I purchase this simple black journal from Barnes and Noble, and with a little gold paint and fine brush I personalized the front with the words “write it down”, the spine with “2012 adventures” and of course the back with a little “xo, A”.  And,  just in case she forgets to call me, about every 25 pages or so I put a little sticky note that says “call Ashley”, ha!

AshleyBrookeDesigns_March 2012

Photo 3: It rained almost all weekend. I kind of love the rain, especially because it washes away all the pollen. PLUS I get to twirl around my adorable polka-dotted umbrella (a fancy gift from one of my favorite ladies), so no complaints here!

I hope your Monday is off to a great start! Cheers to a fabulous and productive week!!

P.S. We’ve got some great stuff coming your way this week (maybe even an online shop sale), so get excited!!


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