Weekend Lookbook| May 14-16

Hi there! I am writing this post from my laptop huddled in a corner of the JFK airport. The weather has not been on its best behavior today and my flight has been delayed over an hour… but thank goodness since it took me and my poor cab driver literally 2 hours to get from Grand Central to JFK… crazy right?! So, I’m thankful for the delay! I was even able to grab dinner and a new book for the flight, so all is well! But  as I promised, here is the weekend lookbook post!

Photo 1: On Saturday when I arrived in NYC I headed straight to Central Park, and as usual it didn’t disappoint! Everything was bright green and all the flowers were blooming, it couldn’t have been more beautiful!

Photo 2: Later on that evening I met up with a girlfriend of mine who lives in the city and we headed down to the Lower East Side for dinner and drinks at Beauty & Essex. The place was beautiful and very NYC, the best part is that you had to walk through a pawn shop to get to the actual restaurant. It was full-time fancy and we had the best time!

Photo 3: On Sunday I met up with my lovely friend Mindy and we had drinks at The Plaza and then headed down to Battery Park to the National Stationery Show Party, I met so many wonderful people at the party and what’s not to love about having Lady Liberty as the party’s ambiance!

I had a wonderful trip and did so many fun things there is not enough time in the day to tell you about all of them… but if you want to see more of my trip hop on over to our Facebook page, I posted a few photos throughout the weekend if you’d like to see more!

I’m off to hopefully board my plane soon, I can’t wait to see my husband and my two pups!!

Have a wonderful evening! xoxo- AB


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