Good Morning and Happy Monday to you!

Here is just a peek at what I was up to this weekend”¦

Ashley Brooke Designs - Nail Art



Photo 1: Subtle Nail Art

I am a firm believer that there isn’t anything better than a fresh mani-pedi. Seriously, it’s one of my favorite things. And of course, I am now addicted to gel manicures. It doesn’t chip, and my nails look photo ready for almost 2 weeks…pretty amazing. While at my nail salon (I go to Marilyn Monroe Nail Lounge in Orlando *ask for Ryan, she’s my girl and THE BEST!), I got a bit inspired by some of the recent photos my nail tech had been showing me that she had recently done on some of her other clients. I’m not really the “nail art” type just because I photograph my hands so much that I need to make sure they look clean and simple, but together we came up with this idea, and I just LOVE the way it turned out! Even though it is so subtle that you don’t see it, I notice it and feel all kinds of hip. 

At my next appointment, I think I am going to try this pink and orange nail art! Fun right?

P.S. Also, I love the way my mani matches my monogrammed Cuyana Laptop Case. Let’s be real, I did that on purpose. 


Ashley Brooke Designs - Acai Bowl


Photo 2. Acai Bowl Recipe Fail

Doesn’t this photo look pretty?? And doesn’t this Acai bowl look yummy?!? Well, I will answer both of those questions for you: 1. Yes, it does look pretty and 2. No, it was NOT yummy. Epic fail friends, EPIC fail. Tell me what I did wrong and how in the world to fix it! I have had many an Acai Bowls and have never once thought “If I never take another bite of this I will die happy” but oh-my-gosh I don’t know where I went wrong, but just no. Do you have a great Acai bowl recipe for me?! Help a sister out here… 

P.S. All I did was blend an Organic Acai packet, coconut water, and kale. Then I topped it with homemade granola, fruit, and coconut flakes… it looks like something right out of Pinterest heaven, but it tasted like dishwater. HELP! Also, side note, I love all of those things (kales, coconut water, etc..) so I’m not sure where I went wrong. 


Ashley Brooke Designs - Three Jane NY

Photo 3. Tiny Pineapple Earrings

Are these earrings not just the cutest things ever? I sported these pretty little pineapple earrings on Sunday and received no less than 5 (unsolicited!) compliments on them. They are so quirky and charming, these just may be my new Summer staple! You need a pair of these (or these!!!) ASAP!

I hope your weekend was equally as lovely, but for now I am off to go get this week started! Cheers to an extra fabulous and productive week!!



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  1. This is seriously the answer to all of my nail dreams! I saw that pink & orange post too and I’ve been thinking about it all day. I love my nail ladies but I’m a bit skeptical about their ability to pull that off. Ryan here I come!! xo

  2. Haha, so sorry about your acai bowl fail! I don’t even know where to begin making those things. My brother use to manage a smoothie shop where they made them though, so I’ll try and get a few recipes from him!
    And I love the mani. I just went back to getting shellac manis (don’t know why I ever stopped!). Do you do shellac or a different kind of gel?

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