Good morning and happy Monday to you! Here is just a peek at what I was up to this weekend”¦


Photo 1. Okay, first off, I love to cook… honestly, I love it! And, ever since we got back from our honeymoon, I’ve gotten all Leave It to Beaver and have been whipping up some pretttttty domestic menus. If we are giving out awards, the whole chicken I roasted this weekend gets the gold metal. Also, I’m not sure there is anything more June Cleaver than this dish!


Photo 2. On Saturday I attended little Sadie’s first birthday party! I cannot believe she is one, and I cannot believe B is a mom! It’s crazy!! Seriously, it feels like it was just yesterday when I was in that hospital room cuddling my new best friend! There is nothing quite a sweet as witnessing your besties become moms! Happy Birthday Miss Sadie B! P.S. Sadie’s invites were just the CUTEST! P.P.S. Also, we gave her that little bumble bee scooter, which I thought was the cutest thing ever, but Sadie has mixed feelings… I’m thinking they will become best friends soon, but right now she is playing some major hard to get!


Photo 3. Last but not least, I attended and spoke at Blog Fete this weekend! I was so excited to return this year as a speaker alongside Mandy, Sarah, Carmen, and Kori! Not only did we have the best time chatting about what we do best, but we also had so much fun getting to know all of the attendees! And, if that wasn’t enough… I brought a whole table of ABD goodies and my girl Charlotte worked the table like a pro! Honestly, sometimes it’s hard to call this work!

P.S. See more of the conference here–> #BlogFete2014 & #BlogFete ! I hope your weekend was equally as lovely, but for now I am off to go get this week started! Cheers to an extra fabulous and productive week!! xx


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