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Carly : Gal Meets Glam Dress // Jack Roger’s Sandals 

Ashley: Old Navy Dress (on sale) // J.Crew Sweater // True Tropic Bag c/o // Anthropologie Earrings // J.McLaughlin Slides c/o


The Dreamiest Trip 

When I sat down to put together this post yesterday, I was both overwhelmed by just how redemptive the trip was and the sheer amount of photographs we took, ha! 

You may remember that this time last year Carly and I had planned a girls’ weekend in Nantucket that got cut short. We hadn’t even set our suitcases down when Ryan called me with devastating news of his diagnosis. I was too dazed and terrified to even know what was going on, but Carly promptly called an Uber and sent me right back to the airport to catch a flight home. Even though our trip was cut short, I will forever be thankful that she was by my side that day. 

Fast forward to today and a full year has passed.  Well, almost… June 21st will be a year. So much has happened. Ryan fought cancer so bravely through 8 rounds of chemo, 10 straight days of radiation, and three serious surgeries. It truly feels like we’ve lived 10 years in the past 365 days. So the fact that it’s been a year, with Ryan’s scans coming back clear in April, feels like an actual dream. Like, how?! And, WOW. 

Life is funny, and oh-so-beautiful, even in the midst of the unknown. This past year has been horrifying and wonderful and I wouldn’t change a thing. So when Carly proposed an epic re-do of our original trip, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I knew it would be hard being back in a place that held such a tough memory, but I was SO ready to tape over that memory with a new one… and that’s just what we did. 

I cannot even begin to explain to you how much this trip meant to me. I had to physically hold back tears multiple times while watching the sunset and flying over the island. The whole trip had a sweet whisper of God’s incredible and thoughtful redemption. I’ll never forget this trip and am so thankful for this second chance. 


A Peek into Nantucket

Trip Diary

Tiny Plane

Y’all the fact that we conquered this tiny plane is still such a mystery to me. Truth be told, both Carly and I were internally freaking out. I flew on this plane last year, so I knew it was coming, but guys, it’s so small. There was 8 of us including the pilot so you really had to psyche yourself up to even get on the plane. But for some reason once you’re in the air it’s so incredibly peaceful. I might even dare to say I like it better (on a clear day!) than a commercial flight. 

Either way, we thankfully got there in one piece! ha! 


J.Crew Striped Tee c/o // Vineyard Vines Denim c/o // M.Gemi Tennis Shoes c/o // Target Tote 


There are many things about this trip that I can’t get over, but the adorableness of the town may just be on the tippity top of the list. Every single thing is just so charming. At one point I had to just put my phone away and stop taking photos to enjoy it with my actual eyeballs… because it was all just too cute. 


We ate SO much good food on this trip! But we made sure to have our fair share of french fries and room service as well! Our first night we dined at Toppers which was truly amazing.  Honestly, one of the better meals I’ve ever had.  Please, if you go… order the Lobster first course it’s amazing. 

We didn’t venture out of the hotel for food that often because it was just so good and allergy friendly! I’m actually not sure I’ve ever been anywhere that has been so accommodating.

The Cottage

We stayed at The Wauwinet hotel’s Anchorage House during our stay, and I can’t even begin to tell you how lovely it was. The Wauwinet teamed up with Serena and Lilly to decorate the house and it was truly stunning. The three bedroom, three bathroom cottage was our home base during this trip and we were so thankful for such a cozy space. 

Matching Lake Pajamas

Book Store

I can’t remember how it happened on our first day, but someone in passing told us that The Nantucket Book Festival was starting the next day and we both freaked out. Carly and I love books (um, hello!) so this was such a fun happy accident!

We ended up attending Nathaniel Philbrick’s talk in the Nantucket town hall and truthfully it was one of the highlights of our trip! Such a fun afternoon and I totally felt like we were in an episode of Gilmore Girls! 

The Juice Bar

Guys. I’ve been hearing about The Juice Bar for as long as I’ve known Nantucket to exist. But truthfully I was kind of bummed, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to try one of their FAMOUS cones because of my severe dairy allergy.

But when we got there, they had vegan Oreo Ice Cream and I just about had a heart attack!!!!

I don’t know if it was the setting or the ice cream, but it really was the best cone I’ve ever had. 

Lauren Ralph Lauren Knot Earrings // Ellsworth and Ivey Sweater


How crazy is this view?! Can you even imagine living here? Now you know why I had to put my phone down at one point and just enjoy the view, truly every corner is THIS pretty. I don’t even understand it. 


I can’t round out this post without saying just how thankful I am for our friendship. Carly and I have been with each other for a lot (seriously, a lot!) of big life moments. For some reason God always has us together during milestone moments in each other’s lives and it’s one of the greatest things about our friendship. We’ve seen each other at our worst and best and love one another just the same.

I’m convinced that this is what true friendship looks like. And on this trip we got the chance to toast to another year of BFF-ness!

P.S. I have so many photos and I will definitely be rolling them out throughout the next few weeks as not to overwhelm you! This was a little peek at what we were up to while on ACK time last week.

P.P.S. Also, if you are looking for more of a guide, check out Carly’s post from last year, it’s a good one! 


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  1. As a Midwesterner, Nantucket and pretty much anything on the East Coast looks like absolute magic. I love seeing your friendship grow with Carly- it feels authentic and brings your content to a new level 🙂

    Can’t wait to see more!

  2. We really have been through a lot of big moments together I AM SO HAPPY THIS TRIP WAS A SUCCESSSSSS! And I can’t believe you’ve changed your tune about that tiny plane…. my jury is still out on that one!

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