Sometimes the need arises for something and you don’t have the right equipment or the right ingredient.  Enter your trusty neighbor, who is sure to have exactly what you need.  Although sharing and caring is the neighborly way to act, be careful that your neighborly requests don’t become pestering.  Here are some etiquette tips to avoid becoming THAT neighbor!

card says Love your neighbor but keep an eye out for your stuff{we heart it}

-Ask for what you need but don’t be relentless.  If the person says no the first time or seems unsure, just let it go.

-Tell them when you will return the item (or replace it) and stick to it.  Abusing your neighbor’s kindness might mean you don’t get another opportunity to borrow.

-You should return an item in the same condition you received it in, if not better.

-If anything happens to the item while in your care, it’s your responsibility to repair it or replace it.


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