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Switching it up!

A few months ago I found myself in a real beauty routine rut. I had my favorites, my go-tos, my tried and trues, and I hadn’t deviated in a WHILE. Which is all fine and good, but where is the fun in that?! I used to LOOOOVEEE spending an hour at Sephora just browsing the isles looking at all of the new products, testing them, and leaving with a few new things to try… but I hadn’t done that in years, and we are talking even before 2020. So it was time to shake it up a bit.

Ilia Foundation
// Laura Mercier Concealer // Milk Liquid Blush “Infinity” // Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow // Iconic Highlighter  // RMS Beauty Shadow in “Sunbeam” & “Spark” // Ilia Mascara // Benefit Eyebrow Pencil // Make Up By Mario Lip Combo- Lip Liner: “Johnny” Lipstick: “Rasa” Lip Gloss:”Bare”

It was perfect timing when, a few weeks ago, I ran out of my favorite eyebrow pencil. I didn’t have time to wait for shipping, so I swung by my local Sephora and got SUCKED. IN. Honestly it was like a time warp, but exactly the inspiration I needed! I left with a handful of new products to try and was re-inspired to rethink my daily routine.

Beauty should be *fun*! It should make you feel good, not like a chore or just one more thing on your to-do list in the morning… Instead it’s a few sacred minutes that you get to focus on you! And, well, sometimes a new lipstick (or two!) can really be that instant mood booster you didn’t even know you needed. And in my case it REALLY was.

I had forgotten just how much I love trying new looks, colors, and products! With life always whirling by it sometimes feel counterintuitive to spend the extra time getting to know a new product. But in my case, it really brought back the joy of “getting ready”!

Honestly, this is just a long winded way of saying: I found a new lipstick, and it makes me feel very happy! Ha!

All of these products are new to me over the past few months and ones I have been pulling out on repeat. But the most impressive new find is this Makeup By Mario Lipstick combo! I’d been seeing Makeup By Mario’s lipsticks all over my TikTok (follow me here ;)) and I finally gave in and decided to give the products a try to see the hype. Well, I GET IT. These products are SO good.

The Lip Combo:

 Lip Liner: “Johnny” |  Lipstick: “Rasa”  | Lip Gloss:”Bare”

I’m beyond picky when it comes to my lipstick — like kind of nutty about it. So when I say it’s good, I promise it’s GOOD. I went with the Rasa color and it’s the perfect everyday lip color for me. But what really makes it pop is the lip liner and the gloss. I can not say enough good things about this lip trio!

But when I checked out at Sephora I kind of panicked, thinking I might hate the new Mario products, so I threw in an Ilia lipstick (in the color”Wild Rose”) for good measure. I am obsessed with ALL of the Ilia products (full review here!). I figured their lipsticks, which were new to me, were a safe bet. And I was right! I’m happy to say I now have two new lip favorites.

Also! I typically hate cream eyeshadow, but I can NOT get over the new RMS Beauty shadows. They are beautiful, go on SO well, have serious staying power, and do not crease. This is my formal request for them to make a billion more colors. Honestly, such a fantastic product.

Oh. And one more thing, I’ve been using this Iconic highlighter for a few months now and it is phenomenal. The glow is out of this world. You will feel like a Disney Princess and 30 seconds flat.

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  1. I’m becoming intrigued by liquid (and creme) blush. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet so I’m wondering how you apply the Milk liquid blush?

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