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Which girl are you?!

If there’s a quiz in a magazine, you know we’re all finding our nearest pen and jumping onboard! Who doesn’t love guessing which girl they are before even answering the first question? So, we created our own little style quiz! Ready? It’s super fun! Are you Sassy, Preppy, Fancy, or Classic? Keep reading below to find out which of our new phone cases matches you best. Then, add to cart!


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The Sassy Girl

The sassy girl is always so full of life! She’s the first to make any of her best friends laugh, and she always knows the best places for the most fun girls’ nights out. Her friends and family are always drawn to her because she’s quick to voice her opinion (even though it may get her into trouble!), but everyone knows that’s what makes her the vibrant girl they love. She’s the one wearing the boldest colors, and her accessories are always complete with the brightest patterns. She’s who inspired our Lips phone case!

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The Preppy Girl

The preppy girl is a girl after our own hearts! She wears floral blouses in the spring, seersucker in the summer, and plaid from fall through winter. Her favorite piece of jewelry is her grandmother’s pearls, and navy will always be one of her go-to colors. The preppy girl knows her look will never go out of style, but she’s also always looking to stay on trend. If she had to choose just one favorite pattern, she would tell you gingham stole her heart long ago. And, she’s in luck! Our Gingham phone case was designed just for her!

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The Classic Girl

The classic girl always hears she’s like a modern-day Jackie O. She knows how to tie her hair into the perfect bun or ponytail in seconds, and she knows how to create a natural look with her tried and true makeup products (they’re the same ones her mom introduced her to years ago!). She has button downs in nearly every color, and she’s always perfectly dressed for each and every occasion. She’s a gracious host and a caring guest who knows flowers are always in style. She’s timeless, just like our Leopard phone case, which was designed with her in mind!

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The Fancy Girl

We believe, “Life is better when it’s fancy!” But, we know you do too! The fancy girl is the first to tell her friends about makeup and hair finds they simply must know about”¦like, yesterday. She’s slightly overdressed for each and every occasion, but why not? Life is more fun when you’re wearing your favorite dress and highest heels! Inside her clutch, she always has two things: her favorite shade of lipstick and her cell phone with a super cute case. Does she sound like you? We thought so because our Peony phone case was meant to be all yours!   

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So, which phone case matches you best?! You know we need to know! And, your girlfriends totally need to take our fun quiz too! It’s like a note, pass it on!


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