ABD_Stationery AcademyToday’s custom illustration is a really fun job I got to work on with the amazing and new Stationery Academy. It is really such a pleasure when I get to work with people in the stationery industry and this was no different! The lovely Emily Ley and Whitney English Kobb have started a new venture to help educate stationers and I am so excited about their new program! I know it will help so many young entrepreneurs and I was beyond honored when they asked me to help create something special for their new homepage! Also, it was quite fun to do a desk design with stationers in mind, I filled the desk with card stock, envelopes, stationery, design books, pantone swatches…. you know, all the good stuff. I am so thrilled with the way it came out, and love the way the illustration looks on their new site!


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