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Today I wanted to share with you a really fun project I worked on with the lovely Rebecca Grinnals & Kathryn Arce for the Engage!11 conference that happened last week. I was really excited about working with the engage ladies once again and this year I came up with the concept of doing an event illustration of one of their spectacular lunches. Kathryn immediately said you just HAVE to do the lunch on the lawn and I was of course on board!

Rebecca was so sweet to set me up with the floral designer for the event along with the tent designer and she also sent over images swatches, and samples of the chairs, linens, and colors. Once I gathered up all of the details, I sketched out what I thought the event would look like, and once I sent the finished rendering over to Rebecca and Kathryn, they both flipped so there was nothing to do but print and cross my fingers that no one changed any of the major elements the day of!

I was so excited last Tuesday when pictures in tweets and texts from friends who were attending the conference said how similar the illustration looked to the actual event, and I was able to take a deep breath! The really cool part of the whole thing is that these pretty little illustrations were placed right under the menus at each place setting, so each attendee would have a little trinket to take home from the lunch! Fun right?

See more information on how my event illustrations work hop on over to: Event Illustration Page

Engage11 luncheon

Luncheon images: http://www.melbarlowandco.com/


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