100th Birthday Party Invitations via Ashley Brooke Designs

Today I wanted to share with you a very special invitation suite I just finished for my great grandmother, who just so happens to be my favorite lady! My Grandma Ann turned the big 1-0-0 last week and this weekend we are throwing a big blowout party in her honor! Someone asked me the other day what design has been the most special to create and I would have to say this one, hands down. She is amazing, and she continues to say everyday that 100 is just a number that doesn’t define her! I asked her what her secret is to looking so fabulous (honestly, this lady looks amazing, can beat you at ANY card game you challenge her to, and needs like zero help to get around!) and she said “exercise everyday and wear fancy shoes”. There you have it friends. Grandma Ann’s secret is out.

P.S. We also included a photo I took of Grandma blowing out her birthday candles on her 99th birthday in every invitation ! So sweet!

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