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Okay, so you know that saying about the Cobbler’s son having no shoes… well, it remains true for the stationer not having her own stationery, because seriously who has time for that?! Anyways, one of my BIG goals for this year is getting our new website finished, along with brand spankin’ new collateral and stationery for this girl! So, I made it a point to carve out some time to seriously work on a few things for myself, since my answer to “do you have a business card?!” has been “No, but I’ll give you a hug and text you my e-mail address!” Which let’s be honest… isn’t really the best business practice! So, without further adieu, my very own stationery (and business cards)! I am SO excited. And now my thank you note writing experience is even better than it was before! And that gold foil magical-ness gets me every time! I love it!

P.S. Does the flower illustration look familiar?! 😉

P.P.S. This is also a little sneak preview of our new site… I am dying, just dying for it to be finished!

Interested in your own custom illustration/brand collateral?! Contact us here!


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