Today I wanted to share with you an extra special custom suite I recently finished for my husband, Ryan, and I! We recently got married (yay!) and of course, one of the many, many things I was so looking forward to once we were married was having our very own stationery! So of course, I made it one of my very first “married projects”! I wanted to do something that was not only sophisticated but also included a bit of whimsy! That’s when I came up with the crest. When I sat down to illustrate this, I really had NO idea how it was going to turn out, but I completely fell in love with the finished sketch. And once the illustration was finished, there was really nothing left to do beside gold foil the heck out of it!

This has, of course, become my favorite thing to write thank you notes and love notes on. I’m pretty sure just about everyone needs their own crest.


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