Beach Postcard Moving Announcements via Ashley Brooke Designs

Today I wanted to share with you a very special custom illustration I recently finished for Betsy (or as I like to call her “B“) and her husband Luke. They have recently moved out to the beach, life’s hard when you re-locate to the beach isn’t it!? Anyways, the day she came into the studio and told me she and Luke were moving beach-side she told me her whole vision for their moving announcement she wanted me to do. So of course, like any good best friend… I didn’t do ANYTHING she asked for, no seriously, like anything. When I sat down to work on her illustration this whole beach scene just kinda came out and I couldn’t help it. When I showed her the finsihed product she flipped… and then said, “I knew you would do your own thing, and I would love it!” So one of two things is possible, either she can’t stand it but still wants her job and her place as my bff or she loves it, I’m sticking with the latter!

P.S. Betsy’s been taking calligraphy classes and she did the lettering… isn’t it amazing!?

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  1. I’d love to buy some of these cards! How can I do that? I am about to move to the beach and these are so cute!

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