Ashley Brooke Designs - Like a Boss Mug - Desk Accessory



Let’s be real: your workspace needs a little extra sass, and we have the perfect desk accessory for the job! 

Today, I want to formally introduce you to our very (and extra shiny!) gold “Like A Boss” coffee mug! This mug is straight out of our latest collection that launched last Friday, and is one of my favorites. It’s sassy, it’s gold, and it’s motivational… what else could you possibly ask for!? Whether your desk needs a little accessory update, or your bestie just landed her dream job, this mug says all the things. It’s a like a fist pump and coffee mug in one! 

Ashley Brooke Designs - Like A Boss Mug


Also, did I mention that it is 14K gold!??!? No? Okay. So, there is that too. 

Shop our new collection!

P.S. Did you download June’s free wallpaper yet? It’s a good one! 



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