Ashley Brooke Designs Giftwrap 4_1

ABD Just Became Even More Giftable.

Oh my gosh-oh my gosh-oh my gosh!!!!!

People, I am freaking out. I’m not going to exaggerate when I tell you that all my dreams just came true. All I have been needing in life is pretty ABD wrapping paper, to wrap my ABD gifts in, and now it is here, and I am so happy, I can’t stand it. I have taken to wrapping things that don’t really even need to be wrapped,  buying random gifts just so I have something to wrap, and using it not even as wrapping paper but for crafts. It’s getting out of control, but I don’t care, I love it so much.

Ashley Brooke Designs Giftwrap 3_2

We’ve been dying to show this to you, and now you get to wrap everything you see in it as well! I hope you love this new product as much as I do, because really, what is life if it doesn’t involve a prettily wrapped gift?! 
Ashley Brooke Designs Giftwrap_1

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