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Before I get started telling you what I’ve been doing lately for my work out routine, let me first say… your body (mine included) is beautiful whatever the shape or size. I would never want you to walk away from this post being anything less than encouraged. As women, we tend to pick ourselves apart, and I am the worst offender of them all.

Honestly, as I was editing these photos I was thinking to myself, as I always do when there’s a bit more skin, “ugh should I really share these?” and “what if I’m not ‘x’ enough?” – which is ridiculous. I loved what Taylor Swift said in her recent documentary… it’s time to “change the channel” in our brains, we are better than that! You are beautiful just as you are, and so am I.

I work out to feel strong, for stress relief, the endorphins, and most importantly for my health. After watching Ryan go through chemo last year I have a totally new perspective on my body. I’m SO incredibly thankful that I get the opportunity to move each day. I don’t want to take any of those days for granted.

Anyway, I just had to get that off my chest and I will now ~quietly~ step down off my soap box.

What I’ve Been Doing Lately!

Since my BBG update last year, this post has been my most requested by far. I’ve received countless questions about whether I am still doing BBG, what my results were, etc… So I’m officially going to be breaking it down for you!

Side Note: I absolutely L-I-V-E in this sweatshirt, wearing a size small and I seriously think it my favorite thing in my closet right now. If you need something to wear to and from the gym, run errands in, live in, do life in, etc… THIS IS IT.

I did BBG for over a year with two of my girlfriends and it was life changing for me. I didn’t do “before & after” photos because I knew myself well enough to know that would get in my head (and I don’t even own a scale!), but what I can tell you is that I now have strength I NEVER knew I could have. I finished the program all the way through BBG 3.0 and, honestly, it’s one of the things I’m most proud of physically. There were days in 100 degree Summer heat in my garage when I thought it wasn’t humanly possibly to do one more burpee, and somehow I did. And for that I am GRATEFUL. Here’s a review of the BBG program if you are interested. I can not recommend it enough.

Over the holidays our little accountability group kind of fell apart, ha! We were all so busy and life totally got in the way… and I think we were a bit burnt out as well. It was time for something new.

I started running more frequently (2-3 miles 4 times a week) and doing bits of BBG when I could fit it in. I did that for about two months until we ran into a trainer at our local YMCA.

Ryan and I were working out one afternoon and we saw him training and thought, gosh that looks like fun! We had stayed away from personal training because the cost seemed like it would be way too high, but the Y was running a special and after doing the math it felt like the right decision for us. Ryan was ready to rebuild strength after treatment and we both wanted something fun to do together besides work… so we signed up that day and haven’t looked back!

We’ve been working out with our trainer, Luis, twice a week for 30 minute sessions since the first week of January. It has been SO much fun. He mixes cardio (like quick circuits of burpees, sprints, lunges, ropes, and box jumps) with weight training. I really thought I would hate it… but that hasn’t been the case. I look forward to our afternoons with him.

Ryan and I are also competitive with each other, so it’s been really fun to see who “wins”. We’ll be doing planks and Ryan will be winning, only to have Luis place a 20 lb. weight on his back, to keep him humble. Ha! We end up laughing way more than we thought we would. After our 30 minute sessions he has us either walk at a steep incline for 15 minutes or run a mile, our choice!

We burn calories, laugh, challenge ourselves, and don’t look at our phones for a solid hour twice a week, and guys… it’s been HEAVEN.

Over this past month we’ve definitely gotten stronger. We can now do things we couldn’t when we started, but more than that, seeing JUST HOW FAR Ryan has come since last year is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE. He was on his 40th pull-up the other day and I was like, OMG, you weren’t allowed to raise your arm above your head last year!! Our bodies are amazing.

On the days we aren’t training with Luis we are doing cardio. I try to get in 30 minutes a day, so a 3 mile run or incline walk is my sweet spot. I average about 4 days a week, because guys… it’s all about how many times I have to wash my hair, ha! But I’d like to get to 5. I just feel more like myself on those days I get a good sweat in, you know?!

So that’s really it, nothing too fancy! No big before and afters, just me over here trying to stay sane, healthy, and active!

Oh, but before I go…two things:

If you want to look at what we eat, here’s a meal plan post that could be helpful, and here are TONS of great recipes. We typically eat pretty clean because we feel better, but your girl loves a good gin martini and a side of fries… so, you know, YOLO.

Annnnnd I can not wrap this post up without telling you that Amino Acids have changed my life. Part of the reason I slowed down with BBG is because I was getting unbelievably sore. Like no longer a “good sore” or a “oh-I-worked-out” sore. Like a debilitating, in tears, can barely tie my shoes sore. NOT GOOD. I went to the doctor and they ran a blood tests and found out that I was very low on Magnesium, Vitamin D, and B12. I quickly went on supplements, which helped, but didn’t fully solve the problem. I was still in incredible amounts of pain 24 hours after working out hard. Our trainer told me to take Amino Acids after our first training session when I told him what was happening, and it has changed my world. I can now do burpees until the cows come home (or until I just plain fall over) and “feel it” in a good way the next morning, but still be able to get out of bed and put my pants on, imagine that! So for what it’s worth, I’d look into it if you too are having work out “recovery” issues.


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  1. You are a beautiful goddess! totally love this post and all you recommend! Just need to find my inner motivation to sacrifice more time- doing BBG again, more diligently and disciplined than before without trying to let life get in the way! Also to speak to recovery issues, I miss running but every time I do my entire IT band area dies, like can’t lay down/sit down/move my foot to switch from gas pedal to brake etc…. so I think I need to get that checked out! Thanks for the kick in the butt (in the best way!) All the love, friend!

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