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New Year, New Goals!

I am so excited to announce my New Year favorites giveaway today. I’ve been working hard on this one! It’s by far our most curated and millennial pink giveaway we’ve ever done… and I LOVE it! This giveaway is centered around all of those health and fitness goals we all made at the first of the year and I wanted to put together a giveaway that would give you that extra motivation you need to keep going! Plus, I just really REALLY wanted to give you a brand new and extra fancy Series 3  Apple Watch with Cellular, because you guys are the best and you deserve it.  

Plus, I thought if you had a new pink Apple watch that you’d also need matching Nike tennis shoes, a coordinating Hurom Juicer, and a Corkcicle canteen. Plus I couldn’t let you go to the gym looking all haggard, so I made sure you’ll get plenty of Teleties, a few Truffle pouches, and One Love Organics skincare products so that you’ll be the one glowing on that treadmill!

Hop on over to our brand new, fancy-shmancy giveaway page to take a peek at each and every item! And don’t forget to enter and to tell your friends! The more the merrier!

I hope you love this giveaway as much as I do and thank you for being the greatest group of readers and friends!

xo- Ashley Brooke


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