New York City in 2021

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New York City in 2021

What’s It Like?!

GUYS, wow okay, y’all are dying to know about NYC, and honestly, I. GET. IT. Last week, we spent five magical days in the city, and each day my inbox was flooded with questions like “how is it?!”, “What’s it like now?”… etc. So I’m here to spill all the tea. Spoiler alert: it was totally awesome. (see the highlights here!)

First, let me say: New York is resilient and thriving. Are there things that are different? Of course! But all in all, if you love the city, you will not be disappointed in the least. Also, the day after we came home, NYC officially lifted all restrictions, so I’m sure it’s even better just a week later! If you are on the fence about traveling to New York to soak up some of the city, let this be your push… we truly had the best time.

I thought I’d do this Q&A Style, hopefully this is helpful!

Dumbo Brooklyn | New York City in 2021
Dumbo – Brooklyn
 Pier 17 - Seaport New York City in 2021
Pier 17 – Seaport

Where Did You Stay?

We stayed at Mr. C at the Seaport. I’ve stayed there four times by myself, and twice with Ryan. We absolutely love it. Home away from home for sure. Plus, I love the Seaport district; it just *feels* like a neighborhood. Lots of space, so close to the water, the Brooklyn Bridge, the 6 train, and it’s just plain C-U-T-E.

How Was Transit?

Honestly, amazing. We took maybe four Ubers all together while in the city, and mostly rode the Subway or just walked. Ubers are currently so expensive. So if I wasn’t wearing sky-high heels, we were taking the train! 😉

We also took The Path to New Jersey, and I know everyone hates NJ transit, but I got a kick out of it. Loved the entire experience.

Butler Brooklyn coffee
Butler – Brooklyn
where to get coffee in New York 2021

What was the mask mandate?

It was (not sure what it is now!) mandatory to wear masks on all transit, which was perfectly fine with us! Felt zero inconvenience by the entire situation, and loved all of our trips.

Walking on the street, masks were not mandatory, and we only wore ours if we were in TIGHT quarters during rush hour and felt uneasy. But we did that maybe one time!

Also, most stores and restaurants had mask policies, but every place was different. We just followed the rules wherever we were. Again, no big deal!

restaurants mask rules new york
La Pecora Bianca | New York City in 2021
La Pecora Bianca

Were restaurants open?

YES! Many of them are. We ate both inside, outside, and at the bar at many of our favorite places, and all of our dining experiences were lovely.

I will say, though, that if you have your heart set on a restaurant. make a reservation!!

A few of our favorite places haven’t reopened quite yet, so I made sure I made calls to every restaurant that we wanted to get into to see if, 1. they were open, 2. what their new policies were, if any, and 3. if they were taking reservations. This saved us a lot of time! I’d highly recommend doing so yourself.

Restaurants we visited this trip:


Butler Coffee – Brooklyn

Aim̩ Leon Dore РSoho

Ralph’s – Upper East Side


Bellini – Seaport

Babbo – Greenwich Village

Maman – Soho

La Pecora Bianca – Midtown

Baz Bagels – Little Italy

Ralph Lauren New York
Ralph Lauren
Maje shopping New York 2021

Attractions – Broadway, Shopping, The Met, The Plaza, etc..

Now this may be a little different. I know Broadway has recently released dates for a reopen, so check those out. And some of the fancy, fun hotel bars aren’t quite open yet (like The Plaza). And I think you may need to wait in line to get into The Met, after making an appointment. But to be honest, things are changing *quickly*, so don’t be afraid to call and find out.

Shopping at some of the more noteworthy stores, like Chanel and Louis Vitton, had lines and limits inside the stores. But many of the shops in Soho were just completely open. So again, if you have something in mind, I’d just do a quick call to gather the ever-changing information

We did notice that the more touristy areas of the city were restrictive, but our favorite neighborhoods and coffee shops were hoppin’. Truthfully, we didn’t really go Uptown all that much, so I’m not sure what the current vibe is like there.

All in all, it was such a great trip! We could be so happy just walking around with zero plans, popping in and out of coffee shops, so for us it was perfect, and it felt *so* good to be back in the city. Grateful to see this shift and incredibly thankful for all of the men and women who worked tirelessly to get us to this point!

Happy to answer any other questions you may have. I’m no expert… but happy to share my experience!


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