Our Trip To New York City

A quick romantic getaway, just the two of us…

A few weeks ago Ryan and I snuck off to New York City for a quick little getaway just the two of us and it ended up being one of my top five favorite trips we’ve ever taken. We didn’t have many plans but we somehow managed to hit *all* of our favorite spots. The weather was lovely, and honestly we were just thrilled to be in the city together.

While we were there so many of you reached out asking if I’d do a recap of our time because you were planning a trip soon, so hopefully this is helpful. We were in the city for less than 60 hours, but wow, now that I’m typing it out it kind seems like we were there a week… ha! Truthfully, we had ourselves a time, and I’m already scheming our next getaway!

Where We Stayed

We stayed at the Beekman Hotel, which we love. Last December (when we took Laurens, see details here) we stayed at the Beekman and fell in love. It’s cozy, romantic, and has a great vibe all around. Plus it’s super close to a great subway station, which makes it even better. We mostly ride the subway when we are in town, so we’re always looking for a spot that is close to a great station.

Truly, it’s one of my favorite hotels in the city, and if you are going in December, you are in for a treat! The Beekman really shines when it’s decorated for the holidays!

What We Did

When we hear FKJ was coming to the Brooklyn Mirage we immediately bought both tickets to his show and our flights… but everything else we pretty much winged it! A few years ago we fell in love with FKJ’s music, he’s so wildly talented and truly his songs have been the soundtrack of this season for us. We always said if he came to the states we’d find a way to get tickets and that is exactly what we did.

Although, I will say seeing a show at the Mirage is fantastic, it’s so well organized and really enjoyable! If you get a chance to see your favorite artist at that venue, go.

Restaurants & Bars For Eats & Drinks

Ralph’s Coffee — A must! There are a few in the city, but we love the one at the Ralph Lauren flagship store on Madison Ave. Grab your coffee and go for a walk in the city!

Maman — Here for the blue and white cups… but honestly everything is just so lovely at Maman, and again, there are a few in the city so you have options. Soho is my favorite.

Cafe Leon Dore – We adore Aimé Leon Dore and similar to Ralph’s they have an attached coffee shop. It’s lovely and everything you think it would be.

ABC Kitchen — I’ve been wanting to go to ABC Kitchen for ages, and we finally made it this trip! It was a true delight. Honestly still thinking about the turkey sandwich and ginger margarita!

Hillstone — Doesn’t matter where in the US we are, if there is a Hillstone, I’m going. I can never say no to a their kale chicken salad. I love sitting at the bar too which makes it easy to get in.

Libertine — Ryan made us a reservation for Libertine, a cozy French restaurant in the West Village and I am so glad he did. So romantic!

Dante — This was our first time at Dante and oh, we will be back. One of the best burgers I have maybe ever had!? And don’t skip the broccoli salad, a real treat!

Polo Bar — Our favorite restaurant in the city. The food is great, but it’s less about the food and more about the full experience. But getting a reservation is wild. You have to call 30 days ahead of time to the day and just pray they have a table! Sometimes you get lucky!

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Ralph Lauren flagship store

Bar Pisellino — When it comes to bars in the city, Bar Pisellino is my favorite. It just, I don’t know, is IT. The olives, the chips, the martinis. Truly so fun, such a great soho spot!

Bemelmans Bar — I could go on and on about Bemelmans Bar, a true New York Classic. The bar snacks are elite and the vibes are completely unmatched. The martinis are unreal. There’s live music playing all the classics. Depending on the day and the time of year sometimes the wait is like two hours, but this trip we got in within 20 minutes.

Anyway, I hope this breakdown helps you plan your next trip. You truly can’t go wrong and just being in the city, especially this time of year, is its own kind of magic!

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