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The Holiday Travel Season is Here

Yesterday Ryan and I were driving home from running errands and we were talking about all of the things we need to get accomplished next week.  As I rattled off our laundry list of to-dos he interrupted me and said, “THEN it’s Thanksgiving!”  I just gave him a blank stare. Thanksgiving?! The week after next? No. Not possible… take your jokes some where else, Sir. 

I truly thought he was kidding until I pulled out my phone to correct his mistake. Then I realized he was right. I stared at my phone’s calendar, praying for the dates to change, but there it was in black and white, the week after next,”Thanksgiving”.


Here’s the deal, I’m not panicking because the holidays are here and I have so much to do… That’s always the case.  It’s just that I’m not mentally prepared! I want more time to dream about Thanksgiving recipes, pull down decorations, and watch Hallmark movies. Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday (I realize I say that every holiday, but really, this one’s it!) and I want to soak in every bit of it. So, after a minor panic attack yesterday I vowed to add some fun “Thanksgiving-y” things to my to-do list and really get into the holiday spirit!


More on that to do list tomorrow, but today I thought we could start with the basics. 

What to pack this travel season! 

During the holidays we do a lot of weekend trips, which means I forget everything. I am queen of packing for a 5 day trip because I just bring everything I own. But on a weekend trip I tend to “wing it” and that never goes well. You can always find me at 10pm at the nearest drug store grabbing contact solution… it never fails.

So this is a list of the weird yet oh-so-nifty travel essentials you need to make those quick weekend trips with family go a bit more smoothly. Because let’s face it, Aunt Susan never has an extra charger lying around….

Tech & Chargers

The Mophie Charger

If there is one thing that has changed our travel game it’s this charger. On long travel days this one I own will get 2-3 recharges, so you never have to panic when the phone battery goes red!

Seriously, it is worth every single penny and will save you a thousand heartaches. GET. IT.

Shop Here

Phone Tripod & Clicker

No more awkward group family selfies…These little items will change your life. Now, when everyone’s together you can actually capture that family photo! If you get one thing, let it be this!

Tripod // Clicker // Phone Mount

Donut Charger

I always, ALWAYS forget my phone charger… it never fails. But honestly it doesn’t really matters because there’s never enough outlets to charge all my things at grandmas house anyways! This solves that problem. HA!

Shop Here 

Carry-ons & Bags

Away Travel Carry-On

This carry-on has changed my life in so many ways. It’s a breeze to wheel through the air port and has no problem fitting in the overhead bins. I am always SHOCKED at how many days worth of clothes it can hold. The stowaway battery charger is an added bonus! It truly is the BEST. I have a goal to own the whole set one day soon!

Also, they are now offering monogramming… so it’s a no-brainer! 

Shop Here

A Return Duffle

This is key to packing success. A return collapsable duffle that you can bring back all your loot in is a necessity! This way you can skip the checked bag fee on the way out and on the way home check your excess goodies. Guys this is the only way to live. 

Shop Here

Backpack For Life

I used to be all about that cute tote bag and now I could care less. After my 1-zillionth flight I said goodbye to the tote and HELLO to the backpack with all the cute little compartments. This is THE best travel backpack on the planet. 

Shop Here

Never Travel Without

Chic Cardigan

I keep coming back to this because it’s that good. It’s perfect for a long day in the car or hopping through air ports, plus it’s adorable with jeans and heels or tennis shoes. This is one piece you won’t have to pack, but you’ll be so glad you brought!

Shop Here


I’m obsessed with these tennis shoes! They are cute enough to wear with jeans and a t-shirt for travel day and also functional enough for working out. That makes one less pair of shoes to pack –  so very necessary! 

Shop Here

Hydrating Face Mask

I’m all about skincare, as you know, but when I travel I seem to throw caution to the wind.

So I’ve vowed to get better at my travel skincare routine and this overnight mask is making it so much easier!

Shop Here

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  1. I was just saying this morning that I don’t understand how this month has gone by so fast! It’s seriously crazy. I had to knock out my Thanksgiving menu plans this morning to make me feel better! Haha.

    briana |

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