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Happy November, Friends!

Ah! I cannot contain my excitement over today! There is nothing better than November 1st and I can’t wait to get this holiday party season kicked off. In my book, Nov. 1 means hot cocoa (my fave recipe), endless Hallmark movies (judge me all you want), Micheal Bublé (it’s time Micheal, it’s time!)… and I am here for it, ALL of it! 

I do have one question though… I would LOVE to hear how you guys do your holiday season.

When do you decorate for Christmas?!

I love having Christmas decorations up during Thanksgiving, but growing up my mom would always say, “give Thanksgiving a chance!” haha! And now that I’m a grown up and can do whatever I want 😉 I’m always torn! Part of me is dying to send Ryan up to the attic to start pulling down decorations while the other part has the track from my childhood playing in the back of my mind, which makes my heart feel bad for Thanksgiving. So, what do you do in your house?! Are you November decorators or December? These are the hard hitting questions I need answered. 

But in the meantime, November’s free download is here! Print it out, save it to your phone, make it your screen saver… whatever you do with it, I hope you enjoy it!


November 2018 Free Download


Ashley Brooke - iphone- November Download - phone
Ashley Brooke - iphone- November Download - phone



or visit:



I hope you enjoy, and again, happy November!




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  1. I decorate the day after Thanksgiving. I’m afraid if I do it earlier I’ll get sick of all of it. Plus I do love my fall decor.

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