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The sassiest travel mug around!

If we’ve learned anything about spending ANY amount of time in the car it’s this: we need to be entertained (beyond driving, of course!). Seriously, is there anything worse than a long drive combined with traffic? It’s just not possible. When we were designing our N-E-W travel mug collection (hint: we’re still SO OBSESSED), we knew we wanted to introduce a super sassy mug that would make commuting fun. Enter our Now Watch Me Sip travel mug!

We can’t help but admit we daydream about this mug because it makes us laugh every time! We can already imagine you enjoying your morning cup of coffee or tea”¦while the driver next to you in your traffic jam has to do a double take because she sees what your fancy mug says. The hand lettering combined with the gold foil and pink lid make this travel mug the absolute best, and we hope our Now Watch Me Sip bestie will make your morning (or evening ““ fill that cup back up, girl!) commute way more bearable. Dare we say traffic may have just become”¦enjoyable? We pinky promise it will be the best it can be, and we’re on a mission to make your drive even better!



Beyond picking up our favorite travel mug, we think you should try a new coffee recipe! You have to make our homemade blackberry syrup recipe to add to your coffee, or try our homemade lavender coffee recipe! We like to think Kyla, Ashley’s sister, is our in-house chef because girlfriend can whip up ANYTHING. And, everything Kyla makes is so delicious!

Once you’ve made all of the other drivers laugh with your Now Watch Me Sip travel mug and tried a new coffee recipe, you need to make sure your desk is an area you 100% do not hate! Pop our Fancy Pencil Set inside our Every Day I’m Hustlin’ mug, add our Done & Done notepad and All The Things notebook, and finish off your look with our FAVORITE Desk Calander (it’s only $10!). A fancy and bright desk is the only way it should be! 



Friends, your entire work day just got a makeover, and we don’t think you will ever look back!


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