Let’s Read! A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting

October’s Book Club selection is here…

Happy October! I love a brand new month, especially the fall season and all the cozy things that come with it… like curling up with a really great book. Enter A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting by Sophie Irwin. To be honest, this one was a little out of my comfort zone reading wise (I rarely pluck historical fiction off the shelf), but I adored it!

The main character Kitty is clever, cunning, determined, and audacious… she was a heroine that I genuinely liked. And the story narrative about Britain’s Regency era high society was so thoroughly interesting, it reminded me of the best parts of Bridgerton. Our team loved it, and I really think you will, too!

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October Book Club Pick

A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting

by Sophie Irwin

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Kitty Talbot needs a fortune. Or rather, she needs a husband who has a fortune. Left with her father’s massive debts, she has only twelve weeks to save her family from ruin. Kitty has never been one to back down from a challenge, so she leaves home and heads toward the most dangerous battleground in all of England: the London season. 
Kitty may be neither accomplished nor especially genteel—but she is utterly single-minded; imbued with cunning and ingenuity, she knows that risk is just part of the game. The only thing she doesn’t anticipate is Lord Radcliffe. The worldly Radcliffe sees Kitty for the mercenary fortune-hunter that she really is and is determined to scratch her plans at all costs, until their parrying takes a completely different turn…

About The Author

Sophie has spent years immersed in the study of historical fiction, from a dissertation on why Georgette Heyer helped win World War II, to time spent in dusty stacks and old tomes doing detailed period research when writing this book. She grew up in Dorset, England before moving to London after university and working in publishing. A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting is her debut novel.

Ashley Brooke Book Club

From The Editors

Why we chose it

From the editors

I’m not typically a historical fiction kind of gal, but this book got me from the start. The charm! The wit! The dialogue! I couldn’t put it down. Truly the perfect fall read.

Ashley Brooke

This debut by Sophie Irwin is a masterpiece! I could not stop listening to the book, and was enraptured by both the writing and the beguiling Kitty Talbot. I loved how Irwin flipped the script on the regency damsel-in-distress and instead wrote a protagonist that knew what she wanted and used her cunning abilities to go get it.


If you loved Bridgerton, you will love A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting. I loved how fiercely Kitty went after a match for the sake of her family and the cozy fall vibes of this book. Side note, how gorgeous is the cover?!


Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


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