October’s Book: The Off Limits Rule

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Happy October friends! Wow, I know it’s cliche but I can’t believe this is where we are in the year. I feel like it will be 2022 before we know it! Fingers crossed the temperatures begin dipping into the 70s here so we can fully enjoy all fall has to offer before the holiday season begins. This month’s book by Sarah Adams is really in the ABBC wheelhouse and I think you’ll love this sweet story!

Ashley Brooke

The Off Limits Rule


The Off Limits Rule

Sarah Adams

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Quick Summary

Lucy and her son Levi end up back in her hometown of Nashville after a failed attempt to go it alone in Atlanta where her job and latest relationship have imploded. Lucy moves in with her brother Drew and meets his friend Cooper while licking her wounds out on Drew’s boat. Cooper and Lucy are instantly attracted to one another but Drew says each is off limits to the other.

About The Author

Born and raised in Nashville TN, Sarah Adams loves her family, warm days, and making people smile. Sarah has dreamed of being a writer since she was a girl, but finally wrote her first novel when her daughters were napping and she no longer had any excuses to put it off.

Sarah is a coffee addict, a British history nerd, a mom of two daughters, married to her best friend, and an indecisive introvert. Her hope is to always write stories that make you laugh, maybe even cry; but always leave you happier than when you started reading.

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From the editors

Ashley Brooke

My sister introduced me to Sarah Adams and I am *so* glad she did. Honestly, her books are the perfect ABBC find and I can’t get enough! You’ll love this one.

Ashley Brooke

I love a story of second chances and returning to one’s hometown, so The Off Limits Rule checked a lot of boxes for me! It was such a sweet love story, perfect for a cozy weekend on the couch.


I loved this book! Sarah Adams is a new author for me and I will definitely be reading her backlist. I just loved Cooper and Lucy and reading their inner monologues as neither of them knew how the other felt about them. If you are looking for breezy, happy, romcom vibes, this book is for you!


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