I know that you’ve been at the grocery store before and felt like you were the only one following the “rules” of the express line or maybe you have been in a rush lately and been a rebel by putting 13 items in the express lane (no judgment, we’ve all done it!). Well either way, naughty or nice, here are some quick tips on how to be courteous to our fellow shoppers;

1. Follow the express lane rules- I know it’s difficult!
2. When a line opens up don’t try to beat the person ahead of you to it.
3. Put items back in their proper place if you don’t want them (I am so bad at this!!).
4. Be nice to the cashiers, they are there to make your life easier!
5. Don’t play bumper carts! Kindly step out of the way, isle rage is unacceptable!!!!!
6. Wait to make a long distance phone call(s), to your Great Aunt Sally whom you haven’t spoken to since you were 10, until you are out of the store.
7. If you MUST write a check at the cash register don’t wait until the total has been given to you to start filling in the lines.
8. Do help people who can’t reach the top shelf.
9. Point the tourists in the right direction (this is for those of you who live in Orlando; you know what I’m talking about”¦.)
10. And finally take you shopping cart to the nearest drop off, don’t just leave is roaming in the parking lot!


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