Olive & June Topcoat and Color “SE” // J.Crew Dress

7 – 14 Days

I’ve shared this a few times on stories over the past couple of weeks, but I felt like it really needed a permanent place on the blog. I’ve been testing out Olive and June’s topcoat and I’m INCREDIBLY impressed by what I’ve seen. I’m getting anywhere from 7-14 days but more like 14+ to be completely honest. Crazy, I know.

The last time I did my own manicure it lasted around 17 days before I was like, well I’m going to have to take this off because my nails had grown out so much. Mind. Blown.

If you are looking for a great topcoat for all those at home manicure/pedicures I can’t recommend this one enough.

Also, as a little side tip, applying cuticle oil every day really helps extend the life of your manicure! This is the one I’ve been using for years and years.

At Home Manicure Tutorial


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