Olive and Piper via Ashley Brooke Designs

Today’s Fancy Friends post is all about this very sparkly necklace from Olive + Piper! First off, can we just talk about how most “fashion” jewelry feels like something you would find in the dollar bin at Target?! Seriously, most of the pretty sparkly stuff will just about fall apart if you look at it wrong, but not Olive + Piper. Color me impressed! This necklace they sent me is the real deal! It’s heavy and great quality… I loved it so much I wore it to Thanksgiving dinner and I might just break it out again on Christmas Eve! All I can say is, if you didn’t know about Olive + Piper before this post, you do now… and you are welcome! 😉

P.S. If you think we may be besties and we just haven’t met yet”¦feel free to shoot us an e-mail and fill us in on what we are missing!



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