On My Mind | No. 01

Just a list of random things… and everything on my mind!

Hi! I just love a good stream of consciousness post… and this is just that! Sometimes it feels good to write it all down and tell you everything I’m thinking in this *very* moment. So here’s the first edition with many more to come!

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striped shirt // overalls // locket // baby jumper (similar here) // baby t-shirt

Some very random thoughts about all the things…

I picked up this scented honeysuckle laundry detergent on accident and I am obsessed with it. Smells like heaven and it just as good (if not better) than the fancy kind! Also, I feel like I have to add that I’m VERY sensitive to scents and this one doesn’t give me a headache. Five stars.

I’m living in these hair clips. It’s so much easier on my hair than a regular hair tie and I just love how simple it is. I have one in my bag, in my hair, or clipped on to my person at all times.

Guys… do I need a Costco membership? I feel like it’s needed to fully complete “the new mom starter pack”! Any maybe it will help me meal plan for these… but seriously, sell me in the comments, please!

I wear these short overalls just about twice a week—they are so comfortable and sporty! I have them in the long version too, and wore them all throughout my pregnancy (see here!). For this pair, I ordered them in a medium and are still very roomy, but in the best way. Probably my favorite thing in my closet currently… well, my second favorite! This dress is truly a 10/10. (I wear a small.)

My girlfriends are throwing a tea party on Saturday just for fun and I am SO excited. (You know how much I love my tea cups and vintage china collection!) I’ve been loving getting out and about again, plus I have this floral dress that is so ready to be worn!

Speaking of, getting out with a baby is so much fun. I was worried before I had Laurens that I wouldn’t be able to go-go-go like I used to, and if anything I think getting out is even better now. (Like our big first family vacation… we really did it!) Do I have more stuff with me? TOTALLY. Does it take more planning? ABSOLUTELY. Do I typically end up very sweaty in this Florida heat? 100%. But it’s the greatest! I love toting my little buddy around town, and he loves to be out as much as I do! We go to coffee shops, run errands, and visit friends. My car, diaper bag, and stroller have become my home away from home and we make it work.

My mom has been coming to help me on Mondays and it’s the best ever… I’m so grateful! I’ll never take for granted how lucky I am to have her close by. Truly such a gift!

I really need to get a manicure/pedicure, and this is going sound ridiculous, but I’m SO picky when it comes to my nails! (As evidence here, all my favorites!) I usually head straight home and redo them after the salon, which totally defeats the purpose. I’m not even a gel or dip kind of gal, I just want a really good classic manicure. HELP! Do you know of someone in town?

Ryan and I are going to see Top Gun Maverick (I’m so excited!) on Saturday night and I’m already thinking about the GIANT tub of popcorn I will be having. (And here’s my favorite homemade popcorn recipe!) I might even bring my fave df treats with me, too.

I ordered the cult favorite denim shorts yesterday, and I’ll keep you updated! Everyone RAVES about them, so fingers crossed they live up to expectations!

Last but not least, I’ve been trying to wake up before Laurens as much as possible during the week, and when I do it really helps set the tone for my entire day… but it’s a wild card! (Remember my pre-baby morning routine?) So on Monday, I had an entire hour to myself, but this morning not so much! There has to be so much grace in everything these days, and I’m learning to lean in! But no matter what the start of my day looks like, this *always* helps!

Okay, that’s all I have for you for now… I kind of loves these type of posts, do you?! You know I’m always open to hearing from you and what you’d like to see/hear/read from me, so be in touch!


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  1. Love this type of post! Let me know if you end up finding a great local nail place as I too am looking for a great, but basic, mani/pedi!

  2. YES to a Costco membership!!
    We LOVE their rotisserie chicken ❤️ They are huge, cheap & delicious. Can often make 3 dinners out of one. Easy, healthy protein to have on hand. Amazing flowers. Always find something good. If you live close, their gas is usually 30 cents cheaper per gallon. Great prices on laptops & tv’s. Can be fun to just stroll around & see what’s new!

  3. Love these updates!!!

    Costco – 100% yes! Didn’t think we’d use it much either but the gas is totally worth is alone, they have lots of GF options and Margaret loves going too!

    Top Gun – the perfect date night and even better than I expected!!

    Tea party – this sounds like so much fun!! And right up my mom and Betsy’s aisle too! Makes me want to plan one 🙂

  4. Ashley, I love these updates! And yes, you definitely need a Costco membership. 😉 We’ve had one for years now and LOVE it. It’s like an affordable Whole Foods with bigger servings…big salad kits, ground turkey, chicken, eggs, frozen cauliflower rice, frozen fruit for Fab Four smoothies, giant tubs of peanut butter, avocado oil….And almost always with organic options. I’m a huge fan.

  5. First of all, that first pic of Laurens is so precious. <3 Love Costco! We try not to go too often, but when we do, there are certain items that are great. For instance, we love the bison meat (lower fat than beef) and will buy a lot and freeze it. Same with chicken. Also, not a mom yet, but I've heard the diapers, formula and baby wipes are great.

  6. I was skeptical about needing a Costco membership at first, but I’ve ended up loving it! They have great brands already I know and love, plus I’m always finding something new and delicious to try. The floral and plant selection is wonderful! All that to say- you need a Costco card

  7. Love these kind of posts! So nice to hear how you’re being flexible and soaking up the moments with Laurens.

    I totally hear you on the manicure. I always opt for at-home manis just cause I’m also pretty picky about my nails too! Top Gun Maverick was amazing! hope you and Ryan have the best time.

    Stay cool in the FL heat! 🙂

    – Emily

  8. Costco is a must! Between all the fruits, veggies, baby food, formula, diapers, CHEESE, meat, etc. it saves multiple runs to the grocery store. Plus you get your steps in walking around the warehouse-lol!

    • Totally agree with the others that a Costco membership is worth the money! If you live close and do a decent amount of driving, the gas savings alone come close to paying for your membership. My husband and I love that they have prime beef selections instead of just choice cuts, and everything from the Kirkland brand is wonderful. The flower pots they sell the weekend or two before Mother’s day are also excellent for the price. Lastly, they have an INCREDIBLE return policy. All in all, SO worth it!

    • Costco is everything. If I could, I would send you a picture of this beautiful new Fiddle Leaf Fig I found there for only $18! But also there are tons of organic produce and foods at such a low cost. The coffee from
      Peru, can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s organic and honestly the best coffee I’ve ever had. Definitely need a membership!!

  9. We LOVE our costco membership especially after having a baby because we much prefer costco diapers and wipes to any other brand. We also buy most of our meat there and it is a game changer with meal planning, but I would say to make it effective you most likely need some sort of additional freezer (we have a chest freezer in our basement). If that’s the case then definitely worth it!

  10. Yes to COSTCO! They have so many GF organic options. I feel like it just keeps getting better. The grass fed beef is amazing along with the wild salmon. They have wild planet tuna and many Primal kitchen options(mayo, ketchup, dressings, and marinades.

  11. Depending on your choice of diaper brand, a Costco membership could pay for itself just by purchasing diapers!

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