On My Mind | No. 02

Just a list of random things… and everything on my mind!

Hi! We’ve got another “On My Mind” stream of consciousness post, so buckle up! (Read my first one here!) And it’s Friday and I had a martini last night, so I’m coming in hot…

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Emerson Fry top (size down! gingham version here) // Everlane Shorts (old, similar) // Monica Rich Kosann locket // Laura Mercier lipstick “Miaia”

Some very random thoughts about all the things…

Do you know what keeps me up at night? Photos. I saw this meme that was something to the effect of, “My mom has 6 photos of me from 1994 and I have 78 photos of my kid from 6:00 AM to 9:17 AM this morning.” And guys, this haunts me! What do I do with *all* of the photos? I have a new favorite photo of Laurens each day, how are we supposed to live like this? Where do they all go? Am I supposed to print out my favorites, file them in a drop box, store them all on a hard drive? There’s like a million and he’s only three months old. How do I not turn into a crazy person? Again, help! Tell me you have figured out a solution. I have this little printer and this baby book, but still it’s a lot to think about, right?

Also, Smartless is my favorite podcast. I love it so much and genuinely get excited for Mondays when they release a new episode! I’m not a big podcast person, I’m very much an audiobook gal… but I just love Mondays with my, ahem, “friends” Sean, Jason, and Will.

Speaking of audiobooks, I’ve decided that I will pretty much listen to and love anything and everything that Julia Whelan narrates. The narrator of a book will make or break it for me, and I’ll give Julia FIVE freaking stars every time! (For example, Beach Read, Evie Drake Starts Over, People We Meet On Vacation, My Oxford Year… I could go on and on.) What a gift. Also, this feels like a very fun occupation, right? Where was this major when I was in college?

I just placed a giant refresh and re-oder on personalized stationery at Dogwood Hill, one of my favorite places to shop stationery. I ordered these for Laurens, these for Ryan and I, and these for me! I fully stocked stationery box makes me very happy!

Also, I did just preorder these cutie little stamps as well. I love a good new Forever Stamp release!

On Wednesday I had a bit of time to myself on my way home from a meeting, so I swung into the jewelers to have my wedding rings and earrings cleaned, and gosh, if that isn’t the best pick-me-up of all time I don’t know what is! Clean diamonds feels like the kind of self-care we all need in our lives.

While we are on the topic of self-care, do you get regular facials? I’ve had maybe three in my life, and I’m starting to feel like this is a regular thing people do that I didn’t really realize. If we are being really honest, I spend my “beauty” dollars at the hair salon. Having blond hair feels like a full-time job… but should I be getting facials too? Tell me all the things…

Tomorrow night we are headed to a fun cocktail party for a friend who has a big birthday and I’m really excited to dress up… it’s been a while! I think I’m going to wear this dress if it works, still waiting for it to arrive!

The other night I started watching The Bear on Hulu when Ryan was out of town for a work trip and got really into it, although I will say I’m stressed while watching it… so I’m not sure if that’s a good thing?! But I’ve got to finish it! Have you seen it?

What else….. OH! I have a new Instagram obsession! Well, not really *new* exactly, but just rediscovered! I met Elizabeth Mayhew years ago and just love everything about her and had been following for years. BUT, of course, I wasn’t seeing her content until recently when one of her cakes popped up. GUYS, they are incredible. Like SO FUN. Every single one of her #charmcakes are *chef’s kiss* perfection. Go follow and enjoy!

Okay, I should probably wrap it up because, I really went for it here… but hopefully this was a fun read… do we like these kinds of posts?! Also, happy Friday!

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  1. So, my husband makes a photo album every year and it takes out a lot of the stress. He also has a cloud for us. That way we can keep all the photos, I guess, but he’s out the best ones in the photo album so, I don’t feel so terrified to delete one lol. He’s super organized about it. October is the preselection and then November is all about true selection and editing. He’s really likes the Shutterfly improvements to make it less edit heavy but MixIt or Mixbooks I think it’s called are also awesome. I never had anyone in my life make albums in this organized kind of way and it’s a life changer. So – one time annual investment in terms of a project I suppose – but pretty cool. This is turning into a blog post all on its own here though so I’ll stop! Lol

    Glad you guys are having fun!

  2. My first baby is now in college, so there were no cellphones to capture every second in time when she was born. However, at 3 months, I still had over 500 PRINTED photos. One day when she was a year old or so, my little angel was doing the cutest thing and I turned to grab the camera to catch it for all eternity. By the time I turned back around, I had missed it. I put the camera down and have hardly picked it up since. Yes, of course I still have loads of photos, but the most precious moments of my children’s lives exist on a perfect reel in my mind, able to be pulled up and lived out again in full any time. Being totally present in those moments has been such a blessing for me as I enter this next stage of life (and they enter theirs); I don’t regret for a moment having so few photos. How could I with so many wonderful memories?

  3. Yes to facials! I started getting them regularly in my 40s and it is so worth it! It has been so helpful to have a professional help me identify the right products and best way to care for my super sensitive skin. I’d rather invest in products that I * know* will work and not throw money down the drain with trial and error. In addition, I’m extremely fair and grew up in CA i.e. lots of time in the sun growing up and my esthetician spotted some questionable looking things on my skin that I was able to point out to my doctor to treat. Such a blessing. Our skin changes throughout our lifetime and having someone you can trust to treat your skin at every age and stage is invaluable.

  4. These posts are great! About the pictures- definitely save to a hard drive. When you get time in 2 years or 3 years, then make albums of your absolute favorite pictures & journal why you like them. I had littles when Walmart used to allow you to choose to print 3 copies of every picture. Hello & thank you for allowing me to have those printed pictures for the grandparents back before Instagram and Facebook and those grandparents didn’t have a laptop or an electronic revolving photo frame. Just do what you want for you, when it comes to pictures/albums. I will gently nudge you to have your talented dad take a multi-generational picture every 6 months. One never knows when someone gets to graduate to Heaven. I only have 1 of those myself. The news about Julia Whelan reminded me of her being on Modern Mrs. Darcy and it was fascinating. Definitely getting her book! And I agree, where was this class when I was in university? The daisy bag looks like a must have for you. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I love these posts! And yes, finish The Bear! It’s so good at the end but the boiling point gets to an all time high before hand!

    I am interested in facials as well but if I have to choose between those and a massage, massage all the way. My poor back and shoulders need it!

  6. Hi Ashley- love these kinds of posts! Please continue them if you enjoy doing them.

    I watched Bear in Hulu and definitely agree, I was very stressed watching it. I thought it was a well made show, but generally I don’t like being stressed (lol). I get stressed enough in real life so I am very much a comedy, chick flick, stupid drama kinda gal when it comes to shows. Did you watch The Summer I Turned Pretty? It was incredible.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Love this! August is such a busy time of year that I feel like my mind is exactly this way and I just need a brain dump myself. Fun to see someone else’s and all the little interesting things you mentioned.

  8. I think photos keep a lot of people up at night as well. I heard about Chatbooks from the owner of an Etsy shop where I buy my planner stickers. Seems like this could help. You favorite photos on your phone and after 60 favorites you get a prompt to order a book of printed photos? I do not have experience with it, but it sounds like a possible solution.

    • Chatbooks is a great solution for photos! I too take a lot of photos and struggle with making sure they leave the confines of my cell phone. With chatbooks you can create the photo books directly from your phone. I just bought a monthly subscription where I can create a 30 photo hardcover book each month. It’s only $15/month and I think it’s such a fun way to document my little guy’s first year of life outside of his baby book!

      • Nice. I think that is the hardest part for me too. I always have the intention of uploading, but never get to it. I like the idea that the books could be made from the phone pics that were favorited!

  9. Ashley-we had a client a few years ago that took all their photos from a year and sent them to Shutterfly tiny prints etc and had an album made. The funny thing was the dad sent all of them -no arranging no editing he just uploaded them and said if they came back with a
    picture of eyes so be it. The mom took the pictures edited them,arranged them cropped them etc but the albums were delayed and it was a lot
    Of work. I just thought the dad had a great idea to have an album of everyday life as it was. Hope you guys are well. Lauren’s is a cutie.

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