On My Mind | No. 03

Just a list of random things… and everything on my mind!

I’m back with another, verrrry random On My Mind post. These are quickly becoming some of my favorite posts to write!

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J.Crew cardigan (size small) // Madewell tank (size small) // Mango shorts (size up for relaxed fit)

Some very random thoughts about all the things…

Are you on the new social app BeReal?! I think it’s so fun. Love that it’s literally once a day and you can see what all of your friends are doing at the same time. I only have like 4 friends, but regardless I’m here for it! Also, I checked out the validity of the app with my very cool and hip baby sisters and both of them said it was their favorite too, so I feel like that validates it!

I watched two movies this past week on Netflix while doing house stuff, laundry, cooking, etc. Neither of them were all in one setting… I’d just turn them on while folding clothes or whatever, but both were adorable! Love that rom-coms seem to be making a comeback! So if you’re looking for something lighthearted that will put a smile on your face try Wedding Season and Look Both Ways.

Have you see the new Lake pajama fall launch… it’s so dreamy! I bought the green and white striped set and I can’t get enough of it. So much so that I wore the top yesterday *out* with this pair of pants and my go-to shoes!

I ordered Laurens a handful of things last week… he’s growing so fast, plus it’s just plain fun to dress him so I’m really going for it while I can! I picked up this sweet little jumper for his Baptism and this for an upcoming trip to Palm Beach. But the thing I’m THE most excited about are these coordinating pullovers for him and Ryan. It’s all too much! Ryan ordered this last week and I was like, “Waaaaiiiiittt I’ve had this in my cart for Laurens for at least a month, should I get it to coordinate with you?” He immediately signed off and I’ve never ordered anything so fast. Ugh, it’s going to be so adorable. Don’t worry, there will be copious amounts of photographic evidence that you know I’ll be printing out with my new favorite thing.

Speaking of photos… we took a four generation portrait at my dad’s studio this week (see our newborn and maternity session he did for us) and oh my gosh, it’s just so sweet. It was me, Laurens, my dad, and my grandmother, and I’m so glad we captured this moment in time and made it happen. We will cherish these photos forever.

Hillhouse’s latest launch is really making me want to order yet another nap dress. The green gingham is just so good. But honestly, I’m still not over this dressI wear it all the time!

I came across this video on TikTok that explains how to make the famous Hillstone kale salad and well… I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for this so THANK YOU SO MUCH. I will 100% be making this now. Also, I’m over on TikTok, too! You can follow me here.

A few weeks ago I picked up this aesthetically-pleasing Citronella candle from Target and I honestly think it’s so brilliant! FINALLY a citronella candle that doesn’t look like it belongs on a campsite. Thank you, Target, thank you.

I’ve been getting back into crafting lately and nothing makes me feel more like myself. And just you wait until you see my ballet flats that I just finished! Gosh, they are so good. I’m thinking my next big crafting project needs to be Laurens’s Halloween costume! What should he be? I’ve been racking my brain and I’m kind of thinking a dinosaur… thoughts?! Feels like it would be adorable. Although, I will tell you, this puppy costume is really calling my name, but ugh… I want to make it!

Okay… I think that’s it for now! Happy weekend! xx


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