On My Mind | No. 04

Just a list of random things… and everything on my mind!

We are currently in Palm Beach on our first family vacation, just the three of us… and it’s even better than we thought it would be. We’ve been looking forward to this trip for months! Nothing beats a chubby giggly baby in a pair of tiny swim trunks! Seriously though, this all just feels so sweet and I’m wildly grateful for this little family of mine. What a DREAM.

Some very random thoughts about all the things…

Right now I’m feeling… scrambled. And I can’t decide if I love it or if it’s driving me nuts. I’m typically a live or die by the to-do list kind of gal, and in this stage with a giggly 4-month-old, it’s just not in the cards. Am I being productive?! YES! But my brain is just filled with too many thoughts, work ideas, baby crafts, and rolling to-dos that just never make it anywhere. My days are full of starts and stops, and even when I have help, I’m constantly popping out to give the baby a kiss or watch him giggle. I think it’s just the season we are in, which, in all fairness, is actual heaven. But do I need to just start dictating to my phone’s Notes app? Help! Here are all of my new mom favorites that have made life easier, but give me your seasoned mom tricks for a brain that is so full it’s buzzing!

All I want to do is buy all the cozy fall things (like this, gah!). But yesterday my car said 104 degrees (!!!). To be fair it was sitting in the H-O-T Florida sun but wow, it’s warm. So even though I can’t fully appreciate fall style juuuust yet, I will say that I did buy this cardigan and I am obsessed with it. Truly, so cozy and I wear it (inside with that AC blasting!) all day long. It feels like I’m wearing my favorite robe… but acceptable for Zoom.

I used to make fun of my mom for wearing practically the same nail polish color and never switching it up, she has a color she likes and that is that. I told myself (and her!) I’d never also do that because I love trying new polishes, especially in the fall. But I find myself reaching for the same color most weeks and it’s Gossamer Garments by Essie, so I guess that’s it. I’ve basically turned into my mother.

Speaking of nails, I’m obsessed with this nail account! I could watch Andréa paint her nails all day. It’s both soothing and aesthetically pleasing, right?

Do I make these cookies once a week?! Yes. Is it maybe overkill? Probably. Do I care?! Not in the least.

I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a reading rut… but I’ve heard *such* good things about this one! I’ve been doing decent with audiobooks, but man, physical reading has been a real struggle. By the time we do the bedtime routine, dinner, clean up, and the nightly chores… I just zone out on my phone and mostly scroll through photos of Laurens like a crazy person. What I need to do is zone out with a book. But for some reason that just feels like more work? And I need for it not to feel that way… so tell me, what you do?

Every few weeks I check to see if Anthropologie has made a daisy version of these glasses yet. My sister has all of them and they really are the best cups for iced coffee. (And we all know this is my favorite for the perfect warm cuppa!) Truly, hands down. But I realllly want them to make a daisy version. Who do I need to talk to at Anthro to get this going?!

If you are traveling with a baby, I *highly* recommend this tent. It’s so helpful! Cannot say enough great things about it! Add it to your registry ASAP. We are going to New York City at the end of the month and you can guarantee that I’ll be packing it.

One more random last thing. I truly, and I mean TRULY, love our espresso machine. Don’t get me wrong, spending time in coffee shops is my love language, BUT I make such a good latte that it’s often hard to justify. Also, I SO look forward to my latte every afternoon. Such a treat. Seriously though, I resonate with this on a very deep level.

Okay… I think that’s it for now! Happy weekend! xx


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