On My Mind | No. 06

Absolutely the most random thoughts…

I haven’t done an On My Mind post in months, actually, in over five months! These are some of my favorite types of posts to read and I’ve been meaning to do one for a while now, but something always comes up and I just keep kicking it down the road. So here we finally are… a good old fashioned chat!

And let’s go….

We are currently all packed up and on the road to Charleston to spend time with family. As I type this the sun still hasn’t come up yet, Laurens is babbling to himself in the back seat, and Ryan and I each have our thermoses of hot coffee and seat warmers on. I love the feeling of being on the road before the sun while the sky is still inky. And there is just no better feeling than finally getting on the road after a marathon packing session the night before. Just feels cozy, you know?!

Speaking of packing… will I EVER get better at it?! I’m an emotional dresser, it is what it is. I need options. Like if I plan on an outfit I will most certainly wake up that day feeling absolutely itchy when I put it on. Why am I like this?! I used to lay out my clothes for school the night before growing up, this should be something I’m good at by now. Can’t for the life of me pack efficiently.

If you’ve been following along on stories or TikTok, you know I’ve gone to the dark manicure side. I’m now a “dip nail manicure” kind of girl… which, do I even know myself anymore?! In December I panicked when I went in for a quick manicure days before the 25th. I went in for a regular, old fashioned, manicure and the word dip impulsively flew out of my mouth! About an hour later I left with, well, THE perfect manicure and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m annoyed with myself because now it’s a whole process… I have to get them professionally done and removed! And it makes me feel trapped when I think about it. Like for instance my current predicament, I was planning to get to the salon yesterday before the trip and then something came up that flipped my entire day on its head… so here I am, with nails that aren’t quite bad, but are totally driving me NUTS and I’m stuck. (*Queue deeeep eye roll* as I’m the only one to blame.)

I try to keep a running list on my phone of items that I am really loving and the list is often completely all over the place, but it helps me when I’m creating content so I thought I’d share my current top with you: this muffin recipe (it’s delightful!); this white t-shirt (in a size M)… I’ve worn it two times this week already and that’s not even mentioning all the times I wore it last week, it’s truly so good; this face oil, I’m not typically a face oil kind of gal and I’ve used this one every day for two months now… I love it; these little baby shorts, finally something that fits Laurens, he’s growing so fast! And to top off the randomness: picked onions. I live for a picked onion. And why is this typed out on my list? Your guess is as good as mine.

I feel like I need to write an entire post on motherhood, but like, how?! It’s all too much to put into words. I have so many thoughts, I don’t even know where to start. But y’all seriously undersold it… it’s SO much better than I could have imagined. My heart is just so content. I knew I would love being a mom, but I had no idea just how much I would love it and moreover doing it alongside Ryan. We look at each other every day like, “Can you even believe this life?” Obviously life will never perfect and often very messy, but I don’t know, we just have this deep peace right now and it feels so good.

Speaking of messy, I fought the lack of balance I felt in. all. things. for the first few months of motherhood: “If I only could wake up earlier”, “If I just stuck to my lists more diligently”, “If I only meal planned better”… the list went on and on. And I think I’ve finally (ten months in!) just fully accepted that there will be days where I feel like super woman and there will be days where I feel, well, not. Maybe the key is just remembering that, and when I’m in the thick of it to remind myself that my superwoman day is riiiight around the corner! Sometimes seasons are years or months (and often they are actual days), and a lot of times they can just be an afternoon. And not to let a tough “season” let me forget that I am actually superwoman. And for the record, SO ARE YOU!

Speaking of balance! I’ve started, I’m sure you’ve noticed, to get into a nice rhythm of blogging Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, instead of a full five days a week. I’m taking the two other days and putting my energy into my mid-week newsletter, weekend newsletter, YouTube channel, and book club, all of which provides exclusive content. I’m feeling so good and inspired by this cadence… at first I was terrified to drop those two blogging days, but it feels like the work is more thoughtful and less rushed. But I’m really excited to also be launching a new Sunday series starting this week, so you’ll have to check back on Sunday! The goal for this year, and every year, is to provide consistent and thoughtful content. I hope that shows.

And speaking of work projects, this upcoming Thursday, March 16th (!!!) at 10:00 AM my collection with Abbey Glass is launching and I can’t WAIT for you to get your hands on these dresses! (Sneak peek here!) The line is so beautiful and feminine, with lots of florals and skirts that twirl. I’m hoping you will find the perfect thing to wear to your next event!

Okay, I think that’s it for now. I truly could just keep going, but Laurens is asleep, the sun has just come up, and I’m going to soak in this last little bit of quiet! Happy weekend, friends.

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  1. Be careful w those dip manis! I got 3 back to back to back over November-January and my nails are currently wrecked! They are super thin, weak, and will not grow. I am beyond frustrated!

  2. I really enjoy reading your blogs and getting little tips. And girl i am old , 57. You are adorable as well as your family. I love your outlook and faith on life. Keep it coming girl.

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