On My Mind | No. 07

Absolutely the most random thoughts…

Happy Friday! I’m back with another long overdue On My Mind post! I mean to do these a little more often than I do because they are honestly some of my favorite types of posts to read… but life has been coming at us fast lately! I blink and the week has totally flown by. Anyway, we are here and we’re doing it.

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And let’s go….

First up, and most importantly, Lindsay. In March of 2021 Lindsay, 23 at the time, popped into my DMs sharing that she had just been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, the same cancer Ryan was diagnosed with in 2018 and was looking for recommendations, encouragement, tips, and advice. Ryan has been cancer free for almost five years and Lindsay told me two days ago that she too is cancer free (PRAISE the Lord!) and heading back to work as a teacher. This will be her first time in the classroom since taking medical leave in 2021. She’ll be teaching 4th grade this year and I just can’t stop thinking about her, and how brave and beautiful she is both inside and out. So, let’s CLEAR HER LIST, shall we?! I want her to have the best year.

This is a hard segue, but do you have a spin mop? Do I need one?! I desperately need a new mop and I’m really not interested in researching anything mop-related, ha! Will you just tell me what you have and love?

Speaking of purchase recommendations, Laurens needs pajamas and I’m totally frozen on this purchase, too! I just ordered him a bunch of new things from TBBC like a fresh stock of our favorite every day t-shirts, and shorts, but the pj thing is hard! I’d love to find a romper zip style that won’t be too tight and I’m striking out left and right. I probably just to move fully into the toddler pjs (he’s already in 2T!), but is there not a looser fitting situation out there? Help!

I just ordered more of our favorite stickers, I LOVE THESE so much. I put them on everything from cards to gifts, they are so cute and $11. Also, Laurens is SOOO into these books right now, anything with a flap is fun fun fun.

I’m going for a facial this weekend to try out the brand new spa in Winter Park, AC Skin Collective. I can’t wait! I’ve only had a handful of facials in my life and I’d love to make it a more regular (ish) thing. I’ll definitely let you know how it goes!

Speaking of skin, I’m on a real journey over here! I’ve started using the Current Body Red Light LED mask three minutes per day and I’m into it. I kind of think it’s working?! But really it’s too soon to tell… but don’t worry I’m in it for the long haul and will report back.

Are you on the latest social app Threads? I signed up last week and it’s fun. Really! Feels like the good-old-days of social, with zero pressure. Who knows if it will be the next big thing or not, but it’s fun to dabble for now!

Okay so my sister told me about Pepper, have you heard about this brand? I ordered one of their strapless bras and wowzzzerss it’s fantastic! Seamless, no gapping, and you see it in action here. Their tagline is “exceptionally fitting bras designed for AA, A, and B cup” and it’s spot on. I’m SO glad she recommended them to me!

I’ve been slowly making my way through all of Alex’s recipes… I made this on Monday and it was good. The rice was *chefs kiss*.

Our pantry is itty-bitty and it usually doesn’t bother me, but something about this week, ugh, I was so frustrated. Nothing fit properly, everything was everywhere, and I wanted a full overhaul! So last night I took everything out, turned on an audio book (currently reading/listening!) and reworked the entire thing. Now I just want to stare at it all day. It’s nothing special, but to me, it’s SANITY.

Okay, this was the most random… I could keep going but I’ll save more for the Newsletter on Saturday! Happy Friday friends, thank you for being here and listening to me ramble… you are the best. x


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  1. I have a spin mop from a different maker. I think it’s a good investment. My favorite part is my hands never get wet/dirty. That said, I HATE to mop!! I have a large area of tile and I boil my water, add white vinegar, and a drop of Dawn and that combo does the trick! Now I am looking for a steam mop for in-between big mopping! It’s always something.

  2. My twin boys wore zipper PJs until we maxed out the sizing. You’re right- they aren’t as tight of a fit. I remember thinking my boys were so big once we graduated to “regular” jammies! I often bought them from Smocked Auctions, but I don’t see them available right now. Cecil & Lou does have some, though. I miss those monogrammed booty flaps. The sweetest!!


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