On My Mind | No. 08

Absolutely the most random thoughts…

Happy Friday, friends! I’m back today with another On My Mind post. These are my favorites, especially for a busy morning. I woke up today with a head full of random thoughts and fun things to share, so I thought I’d get them all down “on paper” for you. But buckle up, because we’re all over the place with this list!

everything linked here // necklace is bling by @laurenisafox

Let’s get into it….

I’m hosting my very first Amazon Live this afternoon at 1:00 pm EST, and I’d love for you to grab an afternoon cup of coffee and join in! Here’s the link, and it won’t be live until 1:00 pm today, but go ahead and bookmark it! I’ll be doing a live arrangement, using all of the Amazon products here. I’m a little nervous, but I think it’s going to be really fun!

I can’t stop thinking about this Boat & Tote I saw somewhere (wish I remembered where!) that was embroidered with ‘yes, chef!’ I wish I would have thought of it! If you watched The Bear, then you know… so clever.

Krewe sent over these new sunglasses for me to try, and I haven’t stopped wearing them since they came in. They are definitely an investment, but WOW, are they great! Super lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear, so if you are looking for a new pair, I can’t recommend these enough.

The heat this week has been truly brutal, and we’ve had to spend most of our days inside, but I’ve been trying to make a habit out of getting us all outside for the first hour of the day (my stroller set-up here!). It’s muggy and warm, but it’s been totally worth it. Everyone is so much happier when we get a little sunshine. And now that Laurens’ walking/running, I love just letting him have time to get his morning wiggles out… even if it means we are in for a morning bath!

Also, a side note about our morning adventures… I’m giving the baby Crocs a 5-star rating. I literally hose them off every day when we get back with soap and water, and then let them dry on the porch until our next adventure. I love not having to worry about his shoes getting dirty!

Tomorrow morning I’m throwing a baby sprinkle for my sweet neighbor, and I’m so excited! It’s been a while since I’ve thrown a baby shower, and it’s always a good time. Plus, Ryan and I are a great team when getting the house prepped and ready for a party… we are definitely at our best when we’re in prep mode! We make a giant list and divide all the tasks, which makes it fun and a little like a game. Also, I’m really (!!) excited to get the opportunity to pull out my new cheese board… isn’t it pretty?!

Have you seen the Barbie movie yet?! I saw it a few weeks ago with my best friend, and we had so much fun! We got all dressed up, I wore this top, ordered the big bucket of popcorn, and had ourselves a great time… being a girl is the best.

One last thing, I haven’t taken off this custom bezel-set diamond necklace from my friend @laurenisafox since it arrived. It was truly the most beautiful gift, and it’s honestly so sparkly I don’t know how I’ll ever take it off! I know we’ve talked about this before, but I am such a jewelry girl. I love being able to wear memories. Anyway, her work is absolutely unreal! I’m constantly blown away by each new piece she posts. Most of her work is custom, so if you’re looking for a special occasion piece, she is your girl. BUT all of that to say, keep your eyes peeled because next week I’ll be *GIVING AWAY* this necklace, and I’m kind of freaking out over it. Is it my best giveaway of all time? YES.

Okay, I think that’s it, for now, at least! Happy Friday, friend.



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