Fancy Desk Accessories = Straight A’s!

It’s happening: the aisles in our favorite stores are now getting stocked with thousands of #2 pencils and billions of erasers! I may not be going back to school this year (or for the last several years!), but I would be totally lying if I didn’t tell you that I LOVE school supplies, desk accessories (obviously), etc. Whether you are going back to school, or know someone that is, or if you are like me and just need to give your desk a little makeover… now is the time, friends!

Take your back-to-school game to the next level this year and get yourself properly prepared. Your future depends on it.

15% off EVERYTHING with the code: BACKTOSCHOOL15


Ashley Brooke Designs - Back To School Desk Accessories


P.S. Moms, these will also make the best ever Teacher gifts for the first day of school! #teacherspet

Ashley Brooke Designs - Back To School Desk Accessories


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